Sister Kane's First MTC Letter


Ahoj Rodina!

(That means hello family in Slovak!)

I have met my ucitel (means teacher) and his name is Brother Fish. He’s very nice and patient with us but refuses to speak english with us.  (Slovak is Nothing like French or English) so I use this word a lot “Pomahat” = HELP!  So I am now an official “missionary” Sestra Kane.  I am in a room with 4 sisters including myself.  So there is Sestra Baird, Sestra Krauel, and my companion Sestra Johnson.

She is 19 and from Kansas.  Blond.  She seems very nice and I think we’ll get along just fine.  She wants to be a vet, so she loves animals.  Other than that i’m still learning about her.  We had class today from 1:00 to 3:00 and then a welcome from the Presidency from 3- 4:15.  We ate some dinner and then unpacked.  (4:14-5:45) Then we did what is called “teaching experience” where we moved from room to room and taught an investigator as a big group.  
The first man we taught was named Daniel (Lymon?) from Mexico! and he didn’t believe God answered prayers.  His mother and brother  had died as they immigrated to the U.S. and he wanted answers.  The spirt was very strong as we taught him and we took a while to finally figure out what he needed to hear, but it was good.  Then we taught a man named George who lost his leg because of a blood clot.  He had never been religious but two years ago when he lost his leg he decided to pray and he received an answer from God that God took his leg so that he would draw closer to God. 

From that a great discussion sparked about the Atonement and God’s love for George and how he can come to know Christ further.  I can’t remember how but the topic turned to salvation and he asked, “How can I be saved?”  One girl in the audience answered that salvation comes through Jesus Christ, by believing in Him and by following HIs example.  Then he said, “So if I believe in Christ, then I am saved?”  Then I started the discussion with him and talked about how, yes a belief in Christ is essential to salvation and that salvation comes through Him alone, but that in order to follow His example and be saved so that we can return to live with him, we must take part in certain ordinances just as Christ did,  Such as baptism.  I then shared with him John 3:5 and asked him if he wanted to be baptized so that he could follow the example of Christ and draw closer to God.  He said, “Tammy my member friend, wants me to be baptized.”   Another girl chimed in and asked him if he wanted to be baptized he said he was afraid because he is a man of his word, he served in Vietnam, and he lives up to the commitments he makes and he didn’t know if he could disappoint God.  Then time ended.  I wanted t go off on how he had made a commitment to serve his country and was he afraid then?  Couldn’t he have let down his country, his soldiers? etc.  and what got him over those fears?  Then be like “its the same thing with baptism.”  You can do it?  Be baptized?  I was so sad we were out of time because the spirit was so strong and he was connecting  with it.  The last person we taught Lawana was Tough?  She just kept saying I guess to everything we were saying.  It was very difficult to get her to participate or answer questions I really enjoyed teaching all 3 of them.   The biggest thing I learned today is something I’d like to call “breaking the barrier and engaging the investigator.”  With the teaching experiences, I noticed the toughest part was find out enough about a person quickly to help them on a deep level with a gospel message.  It’s getting past small talk and delivering a powerful message without throwing something in their face and not getting to find a balance between getting to know a person and sharing a message based on their needs. 

My p-day is on Monday.  So that’s when I can write letters.  We will be teaching our first discussion in Slovak then Which is great considering I know 
Boh = God
Jezis kristus = Jesus Christ
Kriha Mormonova = Book of Mormon

Dats its

Well see how it goes French is messing up my accent sooo bad!

Love Always 
Sestra Kane


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