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The world is full of miraculous people! Loved this week as I got on the bus and just started talking with people. Who would have guessed that I'd meet a professional fencer who does renactments at the castles, a horseback rider with flaming red hair, a teenage girl who fights against smoking in her school while all the other teenagers are doing the opposite. People are just great. 
This week was one of the most miracle weeks. We had a baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and there were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many people at church! 3 of our investigators came. And we just had the best experience of our lives. SOO spiritual.
There wasn't enough room for all of us in the cars to head up to the hotel for the baptism, so we took the public transport with the elders investigator. (she's FANTASTIC). I loved talking with her about the gospel. She is such a special girl. Found the church through youtubers!
We reach the hotel bankov and in we go! Up the stairs, around the bend, down the hall, slip on the slippers, and into the pool room we go. There sitting on the bench ever so reverent is who? ANDRE! (The young man who came to church our very 2nd sunday this transfer. Why? Because we felt prompted to contact a man on the street, who then invited his 5 friends to church, and though he didn't progress, this one friend did :) And now he's the newest member of the branch. :)) As he sits there - I sit at our little keyboard and begin to play some opening hymns. There are about 10 of us sitting quietly. My companion gives an awesome talk :) (see her email which I will forward you cause it's great) Andre enters the water of baptism! Oh, guess it's really really cold :)  but he comes up out of the water and I have never seen so much light in some one's eyes. SO clean. SOO clean. What a miracle.
We head back to the church when its all over. And have some chliebicky and kolac. chit chat. But the coolest COOLEST part. We head into our little chapel. The elder's investigator is at the piano playing some gospel music. What is that? we all begin to sing and before we know it, there are 4 missionaries, members, investigators, and less-active members all sitting in the chapel singing at the top of our lungs. So much unity, So much faith, so much praise. God was so happy :) Spirit was so strong. Just wish you ALL could have been there :) 
(just read sister Seninger's email :) it's great here you go - ) 
once upon a time in a land far far away served a missionary who had dreams of people being baptized and feeling gods love. luckily she served in kosice the land of miracles and sketchy buses. in the year 2014 the month of june two sister missionaries went out contacting. these sisters had a distinct spiritual impression to contact a man walking by. little did they know this one man would bring forth miracles in the land of košice! a strong catholic he was indeed and as he was taught he was challenged to come to church that up and coming sabath day. to sister kane and sister seningers great disappointment the catholic man was no where to be seen. but in walked 5 of his closest friends he had invited. there was one among them who was a young man of very serious stature and disposition. the sisters had felt it would be best for the elders of their area to teach this young man. as time passed and seasons changed through the months of june and july this young man completely changed! he became the most energetic happiest orphan the world has ever seen. well maybe besides the orphan annie but still he completely changed and came to know that god exists! on the date of august the 9th this young man entered the waters of baptism and recieved the gift of the holy ghost!

ok so how amazing is that?? because of one random man  on the street who was not prepared another boy was baptised! HE WAS BAPTIZED! if we hadnt contacted that man on the street what would have happened to our dear friend now! the lord is hastening his work! and he works in mysterious ways! this is the lords work its not my work these are his children and even though we found him but the elders taught him that just shows everyone needs the gospel in their way in their time! he completely changed and its just the most amazing thing to see and be a part of! there are specific reasons i am here in slovakia! go knows! he knows! this weekend was the best weekend of my mission! first we had baptism on saturday morning!  i will never forget his baptism! he asked me to speak at his baptism and of course i was more than honored! it was so great! he was just so excited! i gave my talk and it was all about howhe is just like nephi and the talk was super great just going the spirit was so strong and then of course i do the most embarrassing thing you can do when the spirit is so strong! i say we all need to do as nephi did in 1 nephi 2:18 and19 (something to the effect of being faithful and humble) but instead i read 1 nephi 4:18 and 19 Therefore I did obey the voice of the Spirit, and took Laban by the hair of the head, and I smote off his head with his own sword
And after I had smitten off his head with his own word, I took the garments of Laban and put them upon mine own body; yea, even every whit; and I did gird on his armor about my loins.

 i told everyone we need to be like nephi and kill people!!! its fine everyone was dying laughing!! only at his baptism would this have been ok because he is always laughing and joking around! anyway i though you would all love to know that happened! i tried to play it off cool like it didnt happen but of course later in the day we randomly saw the elders and they were like crying because they were laughing so hard and we asked about what and of course all they say is.. what verse did you read today! they will never let me live this one down! literally they were laughing about it all day! anyway we sang o my father with andrej and he was loving it! he cant sing to save his life but still loves it and was singing his heart out! after the baptism we went to the church building for food:
(end of her email)
so anyway that all happened soo quickly and now we have the newest coolest most awesome member of the branch :)
We had a GREAT activity on saturday. We went to a badmington arena because one of the men who comes to the elders english class is a champion badmington player. So he invited us to go. We invited investigators, members, etc. SOOO much fun. Got KILLED at badmington - who knew that sport could actually be DIFFICULT - when you're playing against some one who is really good. But I LOVED getting to see all our investigators making friends with the members. This is exactly what kosice needs.
I love this from the ensign this week:
At times we may consider all that is expected of children of light to be beyond our reach and abilities. Painfully aware of our own shortcomings, we may wonder why anyone would look to us for light and inspiration—particularly when we are in need of such help ourselves. If you ever feel this way, remember that your Heavenly Father knows all about you—your strengths and your weaknesses. He knows perfectly who you are, but He also knows who you can become. And with that knowledge, He has placed you here, now—at the exact place and time in which you can do the most good with the talents and gifts He has given you.
You don’t have to wait until you are perfect before you can be a light to the world. Becoming children of light is a process, much like the process of conversion, which Elder Oaks described as “a profound change of nature.” He explained that we have the gospel of Jesus Christ to help us “become what children of God are supposed to become. This spotless and perfected state will result from a steady succession of … right choices, and fromcontinuing repentance.”7
what makes the difference between a profound thought and an ordinary, thought? A child of light and a child of the dark? 
I am not a judge, but I can be always a messenger of light.  Always I may be worthy to be entrusted with light to guide others. 
can you imagine what it would have been like for the brother of Jared to travel without light? No! He KNEW he knew how important the light was to his travel. He not only gained physical light to guide his family in their journey across the seas, but spiritual light from the "light"himself. Jesus Christ. "I am the light of the world" is He not?
how often to we embark on journeys forgetting to take with us our light? The 10 virgins forgot their oils - and missed out on the Savior of the world. let us always be prepared to shine :) don't let sin dim our lights or darken our spirits. I love being a missionary. Have a wonderful week!
Love - sestra kane



  1. Sister Kane, I found you online through googling for sister missionaries in Bratislava. I love you're blog, it's the best missionary blogs I've ever seen. :) I am a convert, member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints from Virginia. The only reason I know about these kind of blogs is because I've helped missionaries with teaching many families and helping with baptisms before.

    My coworker in the preschool that I work at is from Bratislava. I've spoken to her many times about my faith and my life, she's very sweet and kind and is wonderful with children. She teaches art to 3yr olds and to 6yr olds, she makes creative activities for them and they love her so much. Well this week we started school again and she confided in me telling me about her mom in Bratislava, her mom had surgery two months ago and is now unable to walk, she's bed ridden and becoming very depressed. It made me so sad to see my coworker this way (her name is Mikaela) , even though she's still lively and happy around kids, she's very worried about her mom, because her relatives hardly ever visit her and nobody comes to cheer her up.

    Today we had a long conversation about religion and the elderly. I mentioned to her maybe I can find some missionaries near Bratislava to come sing to her mom. She then started to tell me stories about her dad who passed away who befriended many elders and even read the Book of Mormon, he was good friends with those elders who even helped him with gardening. Once Mikaela came to visit her dad with her American husband who didn't speak Slovak and they met her dads elder friends and amazingly one of them had gone to the same school as her American husband! it was an amazing coincidence, they had a great time meeting those elders. Mikaelas family is catholic but not interested in reading the Book of Mormon as her dad was.

    But I was thinking that maybe you or you might know if there are any missionaries, elders or sisters or missionary couples that could go visit Mikaelas mom who is bed ridden and mostly is alone at home unable to walk. :(

    Mikaela gave me permission to contact missionaries or members near Bratislava to come and visit her mom, and perhaps sing to her, read to her, show her a video about Jesus maybe, or just accompany her, pray with her, maybe even paint her nails or brush her hair, since she likes to look and feel pretty. She's 73 yrs old and used to be very energetic. She hasn't been outside nor seen nature in months, anything simple would cheer her up. :)

    This is Mikaela Herndon's mom name and address:
    Mrs. Eva Hegerova

    Lysakova 18
    841 02 Bratislava
    Slovak Republic

    (011) 421 2 64 369 210

    My name is Jhoane Garcia from Annandale, Virginia, my email is



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