Czech List

Here is my personal "Czech list" for packing specific to my mish:
this is what I'm planning on taking.

- 2 suitcases (50 lbs max each)
- 1 carry-on bag
- 1 personal item (handbag/backpack)
Bring on hand to MTC
- Photo ID (make sure to renew your driver's license if it will expire on your mission)
- Passport
- Temple Recommend
- Journal
- Scriptures
- Pens, Pencils, Permanent Maker, Notebook, Notepad
- Address book
- Stamps
- 100 small envelopes
- $200 traveling/emergency money
- $20 for blanket and pillow upon arrival
Recommended Books to Bring 
- True to the Faith
- Jesus the Christ
-  Our Heritage: A Brief History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
- Our Search for Happiness – M. Russell Ballard
Health Insurance
- Immunization Sheet
- 4 generation pedigree chart
- Mission call letter (copy)
- Photo copy of Passport
Clothing (6-8 outfits)
- blouses (2 black, turquoise, white, yellow, blue, white/green/blue pattern, tan, magenta) 
- jackets
- cardigans (coral, mustard, 2 black, yellow, red) 
- skirts (2 gray, blue polka dot, green, black w/stripes, black, floral) 
- 8-10 garments (thermals, etc.) 
- White bras 
- White sports bra
- Slips (black and nude colored) 
- Nylons/Tights/Wool Tights
-1 Brown Pair, Clarks
-1 Red Pair, Taos
-1 Snakeskin Pair, Clarks
-1 Pair boots, merrell 
- P-day shoes... (not sure what to take yet) 
- Shower shoes (flip flops) 
- Sneakers/Athletic shoes 
Exercise/Other Activities
- Dry-wick shirts 
- Nike track pants
- Knee-length shorts
- Socks
- 1 pair Jeans (american eagle) 
- 1 T-Shirt
- 1 Sweatshirt 
Cold Weather Items
- Raincoat (burlington coat factory) 
- Heavy Coat - waterproof zip-out liner
- Winter Hats (black cloche, orange german hat, etc.)
- Scarves (Red chunky infinity, cream chunky infinity, gray plaid wool, floral) 
- Waterproof gloves
- Wool Socks/ Fuzzy Socks
- Earmuffs
- PJ pants
- T-shirt 
- Belts  (brown hook, skinny white & red, brown lattice) 
- Jewelry 
- Watch 
- 2 bath towels
- hand towel
- wash cloth
- 1 set twin sheets
- 1 blanket
- (I don't like pillows or pillow cases so those aren't making it on my pack list) 
- Camera & Charger
- Converter/Adapter for 220 
- Alarm Clock
- Small Flashlight
- Ipod with church music & Charger (if my mission Pres. allows) 
First Aid/Health
- First Aid Kit (bandaids)
- Hand Sanitizer
- Ibuprofen
- Tylenol 
- Multivitamins
- Cold Medicine (musinex, cough drops, dayquil) 
- Pepto Bismol
- Foundation - Clinique super balance (a couple bottles)
- Blush
- Mascara
- Eyeshadow 
- Eye Liner (chocolate - Clinique) 
- Chapstick
- Maybelline color-stay cherry 735
- Make up sponges
- Clinique acne facewash  (foam cleanser & clarifying lotion)
- Tweezers
For the Body (just to last through MTC stay) 
- Bodywash (bath & bodyworks) 
- Razors
- Shaving Cream
- Perfume 
- Lotion 
- Q-tips
- Nail clippers
- Toothbrush & Charger
- Toothpaste
- Tongue brush
- Floss
- Wax
- Tampons/Pads  (no tampons with applicators in Eastern Europe)
- Wax spray  (short sexy hair) 
- Hair spray
- Comb
- Shampoo
- Conditioner
- Straightener
- Blow Dryer
- Shower cap 
Miscellaneous items
- Mints
- Lint Brush
- Hangers
- Dark, Sturdy umberella
- Sewing Kit
- Laundry bag
- Laundry stain stick (I've heard they don't have these in Slovakia/Czech Republic)
- Tide to Go stick 
- Dryer sheets in the luggage to keep clothes smelling fresh. They also get rid of static if your skirts are clinging to you!
- Rubber Bands
- Safety pins
- Scotch Tape
- recipes
- work outs
- scripture journals
- scriptures
- address book
- black study book 

Suggestions I've found on other sisters' websites:

Grab a pair or two of liner socks at REI or another outdoorsy store – you can get thin ones made of merino wool to wear under your regular socks, and they will make a HUGE difference in keeping your feet warm. It’s also not a bad idea to bring a pair of insoles – just make sure that if they are the gel kind, they’re not in your carry-on bag.

Put sticky notes in the back of your planner. Every time you make out an appointment, give an investigator a reading assignment or commitment write it down for them! Ive had companions do this one and now I do. Some people forget the second you walk out the door, they show up on Tuesday at 1 when you told them Saturday at 7. 
- Bella in Berlin 


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