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Hey girls :)

we ALL know how difficult it is to find *cute & modest* mission clothes that are quality materials but that won't break the bank.

See my pictures below to find out where I've bought my mission clothes and to maybe get some ideas for yourself :)

I suggest these stores:

- Banana Republic   (check out their factory stores or clearance section)
- Bass (normally a shoe store, but I was able to get some great blouses!)
- Burlington Coat Factory (greeeaaaaat place to look for rainjackets! got mine for $30. Also got some fantastic jewelry, cheap tights [under $2], headbands, & they have awesome coats, obviously)
- Clarks (long-lasting *ahhhh* comfortable shoes)
- Chandlers Walk Shoppe (10% discount for missionaries on shoes, soo many cute & comfortable brands, great customer service, I bought Merrill Boots & Taos shoes)
- D.I. (thrifting is a GREAT way to find deals. I often can find name brands (i.e. Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, J. Crew., etc.)  just by looking hard enough
- Dillards (check their clearance)
- Ebay! (cheap cheap cheap!)
- Eshakti (they give you a $25 gift card for registering, and they can customize skirt lengths, dress neck lines, and add sleeves to their dresses!)
- Etsy (handmade &/or vintage)
- Gap (Cardigans & Sweaters)
- Guess (dress shirts & coats)
- Icing (cheap jewelry you won't mind losing or damaging, yet cute)
- J.C. Penny (quality of Macy's or Nordstrom, waaaaaay cheaper though)
- Khol's (Jewelry, Shoes, Shirts, Skirts, tons of stuff here) (plus you can use Khol's cash!)
- Mikarose (pricey, but beautiful dresses & skirts)
- Nordstrom (expensive but you can get great shoes here that will last)(shoes are the one thing I would definitely splurge on.)
- Old Navy (cardigans)
- Urban Wear (they have sales frequently & their clothes are to die for)
- Plato's Closet (thrifting)
- Savers (again, thrifting is super awesome :)
- Sexy Modest Boutique (great jewelry & undershirts)
- Shade (undershirts & skirts)
- Sister Missionary Mall (they give you a $10 gift card if you spend over $20!)
- Smiths Marketplace (actually a GREAT place to look for tights & blouses, surprisingly)

(Click on pictures to see larger)

Shoes - Clarks $56
Skirt - thrifted $7 no tag
Sweater - Banana Republic $26

Coat - Guess $85
Skirt - thrifted $7 no tag
Shoes - Clarks $56
Cloche Hat - Nordstrom $25
Shoes - Clarks (SOOOO COMFORTABLE) $45

Shirt - Urban Wear $25
Skirt - Urban Wear $30
Shoes - Clarks $45
Hat - Sorry, I bought it in Germany 2 years ago from a little lady who made them. 
This skirt even has pockets... Oh snap

Pearls - Christmas gift (but you can find pearls at ANY thrift store.
I have 2 more sets, each cost me under $10)
cloche hats can be found at macy's, nordstroms, dillards, icing, claires.

Cardigan - Banana Republic $25
Shirt - Bass $12
Shirt - Bass $12
Skirt - Dillards $31 (clearance! was priced at $98)
it has the CUTEST bow on the front, but you can't really tell from the picture
Top - Sister Missionary Mall $25

Top -  J.C Penny $8
Cardigan - Banana Republic $30
Wool Skirt - Urban Wear $35
I also got one of these tops in black from J.C. Penny! same price!

Shoes - Clarks $56
these shoes have the comfiest soles and arch support. Low heel!

Top -  J.C Penny $8
Wool Skirt - Urban Wear $35

Undershirt - Sexy Modest Boutique 2 for $20
Top - Bass $20
Skirt - J.C. Penny $25

Mission bag! - PacSafe
These bags can be pretty expensive ($50-100) but they are high quality and pick-pocket proof.
This one has 5 pockets for storage and 2 water bottle pockets.
I used this when I went to Europe and it was a great bag. I may convert to a backpack in the mission, but since the packet says "no back packs" for now, this is what I'll be using.
PacSafe also carries passport carriers and all types of great traveling items.
PacSafe travel products

Blouse - Bass $25
Cardigan - thrifted (brand GAP) $6
Skirt - thrifted - $7 (no tag)  

Skirt - Mikarose $35
Cardigan - Banana Republic clearance :) $28
Top - thrifted brand Nordstrom $6

Photos were all taken by Lindsey Liechty 

czech out these helpful tips from the sis. missionary mall

I have also purchased these... just no pictures of my own yet.

Skirt - Shade $12
Cardigan - Shade - $17
Infinity scarf - Shade $12
Cardigan - Shade $11
Taos shoes - $128
super comfortable and actually cute. 

I bought these at Chandler's Walk Shoppe
they gave me 10% for being a missionary
&!!! helped me customize the insole to fit my foot perfectly. 

Merrell boots - $84
bought these at Chandler's Walk Shoppe in Salt Lake city 

waterproof! & and comfortable!!
definitely a must

I have read tons of reviews that say these boots are supportive and great for walking.
The Sisters at the Sister Missionary Mall recommended Merrell boots to me.

Raincoat I bought from Burlington Coat Factory, except for mine has a little bit different pattern, but same style and colors. $30 & I absolutely love it. Seems like it will be very waterproof and I can wear it as an outer shell with my wool coat. It also has a hood and collar :) 


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