Sister Kane 05_12_2014

wonderful to talk to the family this week!!!

Just one miracle to share with you all this week :)

After coming back from Prague, sister Krauel and I stopped in Bratislava to pick up Sister Jones. (she and I were going on an Exchange here in Trencin). The night before we had planned to have a lesson on the train! As we boarded the train back to trencin, we found one cabin with 2 empty chairs. In the cabin were 4 people already (a man and his girlfriend, and 2 other women)
We sat down and immediately began a conversation. the couple was headed to london, one woman to trencin to visit her family, the other woman had just come from Bratislava. We learned about their professions, their hopes dreams, desires, etc.


They were an AMAZING group of people. So loving, so accomplished. SO ELECT.

Sister Jones bore beautiful testimonies of temples, of the gospel, of the book of mormon. I shared my own personal testimony of the spirit.
The spirit FILLED that train car. They were asking us about what happens after we die, why they sometimes feel peace and then it leaves, and we just had 2 hours of discussion about life and sharing lessons learned, experiences. Gosh it was beautiful. In the end one of the women took a card, one gave us her phone number, and the other was getting of the train with us in trencin. As we were about to exit the train, a younger girl (20s) came out a cabin and commented on my skirt. "Where did you get that?" haha "in a america" I responded. Tough luck, but! It struck up a Great conversation. Turns out she's a singer. We told her we teach about Christ. She said she'd like to meet sometime. Is going to go to Bratislava's concert. No WAY.
Then get this, we get of the train with the woman, ask her to meet sometime. She declines, but her father is there to pick her up. and who is he? None other than a man we tracted into 2 weeks prior and had a Great conversation with about the gospel. He knows a member in our branch, he's been to rexburg, lived with an LDS family.

WHOA. There are NO coincidences, no mistakes, GOD's hand is SO in the work! So IN IT! I love you all! Have a Great week!


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