MTC Letter Dated 05_17_13

All three of our investigators have baptismal dates! :) teaching is going great. It's still incredibly hard and the slovak just makes it more difficult, but I feel like I'm progressing and learning to teach by the spirit. Sister Johnson and I are getting along just swimmingly.
Our teaching and planning are improving. It's a wonderful thing to be able to see progress. For me personally, I feel like that is something I struggle with the MTC. Remember to see the progress you've made. The MTC is like a time warp where everyday feels the same and it still seems like it's March 27th, but when I take a step back and realize it's been 8 weeks since I entered the MTC, I can see the progress :) I think it's important to ask God to help us know and understand how we're doing in life. I've been learning that, through sacrifice and diligence, prayer can benefit my life in ways I never thought possible. The atonement is SO REAL. It's unbelievable. Christ is the answer to everything. I hope the world will learn that soon.
Also, we had the BEST devotional on tuesday. Elder Nelson came and spoke to us. He talked a lot about missionary work, of course, but he brought up something I had never thought of before. He talked alot about the ancestors of the people we will be teaching. (paraphrasing) He said that now, in the last days, there are many on the other side of the veil who are praying for the missionaries to find their posterity so that their posterity can do temple work for them. I know that missionaries have so much help from the members, the apostles, and their families here on earth right now, but I had never thought about all the help that comes from those in the next life as well. "We are on the errand of ancestors." His wife counseled us that when we are looking for people to teach, we should pray about certain characteristics of those peoples' ancestors. This will lead us to them. I think it's such an amazing blessing that God has people both in this life and the next who are praying for us, helping us, and cheering us on. Life is hard, but we have so many people to help us. Not to mention a perfect Savior. What better help could you ask for than a perfect person who understands you and your problems perfectly?
he also shared with us a story about missionaries in Czecho/slovakia (when it used to be one country still). IT WAS GREAT. As soon as he said it our whole zone was like THAT'S US THAT'S US... o wait, be reverent! There were some missionaries that knocked on a door in Czechoslovakia. A man and a woman opened the door and were sobbing. The missionaries, being good disciples of Christ, of course :), began to ask this couple what was wrong? What was causing them so much grief? They told of how their little daughter had just passed away, their priest had just been their and told them since their daughter had not been baptized that she was lost forever. The missionaries had come at just the right time :) They read with the couple Moroni 8, which teaches us that children are innocent of sin because of the Atonement. Little children have no need to be baptized because they cannot receive a remission of sins for sins which they do not have. The missionaries were able to console the couple. Give them hope :) As missionaries, that's what we do :) Give hope and consolation. 
What a great blessing it is to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord. 
(p.s. since you're wondering, the couple did join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
"The Lord will establish a church by [our] hands. [We] are engaged in the work of Almighty God" - Elder Nelson.
It's such a blessing to hear from such great speakers every week. We've been able to hear from Elder Scott, Sheri Dew, Elder Nelson, Chad Lewis, Mary Edmunds, Greg Droubay, Elder Causse of the 70, and we even heard from the BYU men's chorus and Vocal Point.
Love you all,
Sestra Kane


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