Week 4 in Bratislava

Ahoj :)

Thank you all for your prayers and your support :) I love you all very much.

We had training this week in Brno. We ended up having our train
delayed... for HOURS.  So, being the geniuses that we are, we decided
to do a singing display :) Us, our 2 Elders, and the Elders from
Bonska & Zvolen. We sang for about 2 hours and would just talk with
people about the gospel as they listened to us. It was fun. There were
SOOOOO many mosquitoes though. I think I have at LEAST 20 bites.
We got home pretty late that night because of all the train delays. It
was a LONG day.

We are only teaching 1 progressing investigator right now. He's 10-11
years old? ish.
It's fun :) we use a lot of object lessons. We are trying to find more
people to teach. I hope to work more with the members here in
Slovakia. We have the biggest Branch in Slovakia.
The members here are such great examples to me. We have about 10
people in relief society every Sunday, including us 3 sisters :)

We have been teaching one investigator here in Bratislava, but her
missionaries are in Switzerland. They teach her via Skype and we've
been able to jump into the middle of some of their teaching. It's been
a really awesome experience getting to help her 2 Elders teach her and
getting to know her. She has such a beautiful desire to be baptized.
Today she even called her family and told them she is getting
baptized! (She was nervous, but we stayed with her while she called
them). She is moving to Switzerland as soon as school ends, so that's
why her missionaries are there. Her boyfriend lives there, too. I love
having someone to teach and to share the gospel with :) It was funny
today because she said (regarding the fireside on missionary work) "I
thought it was gonna be like a campfire with people talking and stuff.
When they took me to the church I was like 'where are we gonna have
the fireside' they told me 'on the 2nd floor' and I thought 'what?
we're gonna have the fire inside the church??'" She then had someone
explain to her what a fireside was :)

We visited our 2nd member this week. We went to his home, but it takes
about 1/2 a day to get there because he lives in a little village. The
slovaks have the most BEAUTIFUL countryside and gardens. I am
constantly amazed at how they are able to find peace and joy in the
little things :) It feels like everyone here must have a green thumb.
I don't know how they do it because I always kill all my plants haha.
But we were at Brat Kulton's and he fed us some sausages/hot dogs that
came from his own pigs. Intestines and all. They were super delicious.
He speaks some French, so I actually was able to talk with him more in
french than slovak. The language is ROUGH. It's coming along though. I
can tell God is helping me so much. It's all about putting my trust in
Him. I am realizing how truly important it is to see progress.
Sometimes, it requires taking a step back and just analyzing my life;
seeing how far I've come.

We are also working with one member here who is deaf. I wish I knew
sign language. It's a whole new experience to be able to teach by the
spirit in a language you cannot speak at all. The spirit understands
body language :) and we really really have to use the scriptures.

I was able to play the piano on Sunday for sacrament meeting. I really
truly do miss that instrument so much. It's always been a way for me
to just sit down and have "me" time to unwind and connect with God.
There is something so special about music and the way that it speaks
to our soul. I miss writing music. I think that when I get back from
my mission all I will want to do is go to the temple, read church
books, and play piano :) haha I think God will be okay with that for a
while :)
I started playing around with a medley of "abide with me tis'
eventide' and "come thou font" the other evening while we were waiting
for a lesson. Those are 2 of my favorite hymns. I have always found
their melodies to be stirring and their words thought provoking. I
love the hymns :) and music in general. I am grateful for the
rejuvenating power of song.

We are laying the foundation here in Slovakia :)
Thank you for all your prayers love and support.
I pray for you too :)
All My Love - Sestra kane


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