Kari's Letter 09_02_13

Fall is officially here!
Sister Baird and I are seeing our breath when we run bright and early
at 6:30 AM each morning. PHEW.
It's basically awesome, not gonna lie, to wake up every morning and
give Satan a big old punch in the face. (That's right, we can
exercise. We have bodies.)

Got a haircut this week from one of the Elder's investigators. Helped
her pack up some stuff (moving to Arizona) so that was a nice
opportunity for some service this week.
Also still teaching our family that follows Reverend Moon. Taught them
the Plan of Salvation this week.

We're getting finding ideas into action. Our Koncert is this weekend!
So we're hoping to find some new investigators there this week. Really
really working on that.

Then on Thursday we had the BEST training so far on my mission. We
went to Trenčin, where Slovakia was dedicated by Pres. Uchtdorf for
missionary work. The spirit there was overpowering. We were taught
about finding techniques from our President. (who is such an
inspiration. He works so hard and helps us so much as missionaries) We
have a new home teaching/visiting teaching program that we're trying
to get into effect. Should be awesome. We want new converts to be
retained better, so we're merging some missionary work and home
teaching/visiting teaching as some new retention tactics :).
Then had an AMAZING discussion about our calls. Everyone in this
mission has such a sacred attitude towards our calls. This eastern
land is such a special place. Sister Jones made the comment that she
had to come on a mission to learn how to be a member. I think that is
so true for me as well. Now, being a missionary, I see the type of
member that I should have always been. It's sad I had to come all the
way to Slovakia to learn how to be a member of a church I've grown up
in my whole life, but I'm so grateful that now I know EXACTLY the type
of Mormon I want to be :)
I am going to be reaching out to the members in my ward; active and
inactive. Finding those who are having hard times in testimony and
inviting them back into the fold. I should be a more watchful servant.
I should have been showering the missionaries with referrals and
giving to every person I love the gift of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
If you really want to learn how to be a Christlike member of the
church, serve a mission. It will change you forever.

Sister Baird and I face the unique challenge of learning Slovak,
without trainers. We are only in our 2nd transfer, trying to find
people to teach and desperately praying for the gift of tongues.
Luckily, God is a God of miracles :)
I am learning that even though I don't speak this language still very
well at all, God does. The Holy Ghost does. There have been many times
this week in lessons when I haven't understood a word that just came
out of that slovak's mouth; but I trust in the Lord and that the
Gospel will touch any human heart. open my mouth and bear testimony,
and some how it works out in the lesson.

We met some of the COOLEST people this week. And, they are gonna be
new investigators/already are :)
One man I met on the bus. He said he didn't believe in God. I asked
him "what would you have to lose by finding out if God really exists
or not?" he thought for a long time. Then answered "nothing, I guess."
We then set up to meet. He came. We taught with a member! He agreed to
be baptized. God is amazing, because I probably understood about 20%
of what he actually said in the lesson. TEACH WITH MEMBERS TEACH WITH
MEMBERS TEACH WITH MEMBERS. They are the MIRACLES. We have high faith
in Him :)

Love you all,
Working hard in this Eastern Land (D&C 100) :)
Pressing FORWARD!


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