Sister Kane 06_23_2014

The finish line is approaching. I cannot believe I am already starting the 3 week of the transfer. I go home next transfer. AH! THAT IS SO SCARY. It seems so close.
This week we were so priveledged, PRIVELEDGED to have Elder and Sister Teixera come to do training for our Zone. As we sang the closing hymn (our mission song) I got so choked up I could hardly sing. The spirit in my heart was exploding out of my person. I know that Elder and Sister Teixera were inspired to train us and that the priesthood power is so real.
We sang the words "we are called of God, to a land once cold, brining forth his wonderous light and with us the Lord labors here!" I then have the responsibility of offering the closing prayer :) (try to pray infront of a member of the 70 while you're so choked up you can hardly talk!) The lord helped me though. It was a beautiful experience. I've never experience anything like it. We spent the last month preparing for it by fasting, being obedience, and studying our purpose.

Gosh. I wish I could some how send through this computer screen what it feels like to be a missionary. Just plant it in all of your hearts and let it grow and grow.

LITERALLY - There is no comparable feeling.
These last 4 months of my mission are tender. The miracles are abundant already. This week one of our new investigators showed up at church with her husband! (earlier in the week when we had invited her to come she had told us that she wouldn't be coming, and her husband always leaves the apartment whenever we come to visit. He wanted nothing to do with us.) But he came! And she stayed all 3 hours. She is such a beautiful example to me of faith. She made a promise to God to read the bible for an hour a day 11 years ago, and hasn't missed a day yet. Is that dedication or what? 
Then we had an investigator who invited 3 other people along with her. that's 5 people at church! We had 20 people at church!! Considering we have a branch of about 5-6 active members, it turned out to be an AWESOME sunday. The spirit was so strong. God is a god of miracles. Sister Seniger and I discussed it. "what happened? what did we even do differently?"We concluded - nothing. We were still doing the same things, being obedient and trying to work hard and achieve our goals. Really I KNOW that GOD is hastening his work. Last transfer at the beginning we had 2 people in our whole zone on baptismal dates, we now have 16. Wow. That is 9 weeks of hard work.
The missionaries here are top notch. I love them all.
Okay what else can I tell you... hmm.
we have been called to change tradition here in slovakia. You walk down the namestie and there are cathedrals on every corner, full to the brim of slovaks attending mass. We meet people everyday who go to worship services faithfully and frequently. The slovak people love Christ. We are called to help them find the restored gospel. I believe in the power of the spirit. Rimskokatolicky alebo nie :) everyone can accept the gospel. The spirit can soften any heart, if that person will let it.
I have a testimony of the power of keeping commitments. They are the pathway to conversion. As we commit ourselves to become more like Christ, and follow through with those commitments, we will become like him. Can you imagine if we just worked on one skill every year for the rest of our lives? We could have approx. 60-80 more new skills. That would be a development of talents. If we approached the sacrament each week with the attitude of trying to be better, we would be 52 times better at the end of the year, than we were at the beginning.
If I could reach through the computer screen I would look you all in the eyes and tell you all that I love you so much! :) I'd laugh with you, and I'd share all my wonderful stories with you, but most of all I would share my testimony with you. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. Without a doubt. To me that means we're never alone. It means that nothing is to hard. It means that we can be better, and will be better. I hope for that :) and it is a beautiful hope.
I testify that He has restored His church, through the Prophet Joseph Smith. What an amazing man he was. I admire his courage. I admire his diligence, his unfailing commitment to never deny truth.
I love the Book of Mormon with all my heart. It is the word of God. It is true.
The Church of Jesus Chrirst of Latter-day saints is the one true and living church.
I love you all and wish you an awesome week of studying to learn, working hard, having great conversations, laughing, living, sleeping, eating good food, reading great books, enjoying silent time, and awesome music. :) Meanwhile I'll be testifying my guts out! :)
Have a great week!


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