What a week - let me tell you.
It's getting HOT here in slovakia.
We had a baptism here in Kosice!! Our elders investigator got baptized! :) And now she is the newest awesome member to the branch here :) We went to the Hotel Bankov and had the baptism in their swimming pool. Elder Ellingson did the Baptism! I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost, Elder Jaredine on baptism, and we sang some beautiful hymns :) That's the 2nd baptism for Kosice this year! We're excited to see the branch growing.
We think that's why we faced SOOOOO much oppostion this week. Don't think I've ever been yelled at or rejected soooo much in one week. People wouldn't even accept pass-along cards. Feels good :) Means we're doing our job. Satan was working pretty hard on everything! But we kept up our faith :) and we found some pretty cool people. Had one of the most spiritual lessons with a man we met on the street. Prepared people are everywhere!
We met with him in cafe (where we end up doing most of our teaching or in the park) and sat down to begin talking about the restoration. You know when the spirit just TAKES over in a lesson? Yeah it was THAT cool :) He shared with us really great experiences of him finding God and the spirit was sooo strong. He said the most beautiful prayer at the end of the lesson. He kept praying for us sister missionaries to not be afraid. I thought that was very special and kind of him. We were worried the atmosphere wouldn't be the greatest because it was REALLY LOUD in the cafe and distracting, but the spirit but us in a little bubble and it all worked out great. All the opposition we faced this week was worth it! Sister Seninger was really awesome in the lesson.  wish you all could have seen her and that lesson. There are some things you just have to experiece!
I love her lots I think that she is a wonderful missionary :) I am learning soo much from her and she is having a great effect on me :)

We celebrated the 4th of July with the Millers this week :) How funny and weird it was to sing national anthem. We went to their home and they made us dinner "american style" so we had fried chicken and potatoes, gravy, homeade jam, and salad, and root beer! which doesn't exist here in slovakia. well maybe you can buy it somwhere. who knows. But it was SOOOO nice of them. all we needed were some fireworks!
Found the COOLEST man this week too. We were in the park and sat down with an elderly gentleman. Told us he was atheist. But open to talking. Started asking us lots of questions. We talked about the book of mormon, the plan of salvation, but ultimately it all just boiled down to God being our father and loving us as our children. It's FASCINATING to see how few of us truly understand that simple truth. 
For an atheist, he had read the bible many times, all types of other scriptue, and had quite an interest in God, actually. At the end of the lesson, he asked "do you 2 have an email or something, I would like you to send me more information about this church." we then offered to meet and teach him more, but he shut off immediately. I have seen this SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many times on my mission. SOOO many times. Where slovaks get SO close SOOO close to accepting truth. They feel the spirit, they take a baby step forward like "dipping their toes in the water" but then realize they're afraid to jump in. And fear stops them. He was soo close, but last second didn't want to pray, wouldn't let us pray with him, and no longer had interest. Even though we had had an AWESOME discussion. I wonder why we do that as people? Why do we fight the spirit so much. We know it's good for us. Obedience truly is the greatest test here on earth :)
Some last closing thoughts:
I was studying from the Lord's prayers this morning. I have always been impressed with the Savior's utter commitment to do whatever the Father asked, no matter when or in what way or how long. The Garden of Gethsemane surely musn't have been like taking a stroll through the botanical gardens. Quite the contrary. He was brought to his knees, and even fell on his face. Why? because of Love for us, love for God, and obedience. The savior teaches us something interesting from his prayers. "Deliver us from evil" and "suffer us not to be lead into temptation". Why would the Savior, the only perfect man the only one without sin, pray for the strength to resist temptation? As the Savior surely he would never give in to any temptation. 
He teaches us here an important lesson. Those who would be obedient to the commandments of God, must fervently and "more earenstly" pray for strength to do so. Christ, after concluding a 40 day fast, was tempted 3 times by Satan himself - the master of temptation. Later, as he hung on the cross in agonizing pain, again he was tempted 3 times to come down from the cross. Now if the Savior prayed for strength to resist temptation - how much more need we, being only mortal, pray for that same strength? I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior. He helps us to resist temptation. There is nothing he does not understand, nothing he has not felt, no temptation he has not resisted. He will help us be strong and give us our courage :) I love him and I am grateful to serve Him and I am looking forward to an awesome week! :) I love you all! Leave my testimony with you all of this work :) it is true. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 


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