Sister Kane 09_29_2014

hellllllooo family.

WOW WHAT A WEEK. Birthday celebrations, training, departing testimonies, koncert, baptism, and confirmation!
I Love being a missionary there truly is no greater calling :D
This week was so jam packed full of surprises and miracles and love from God.
Monday we had our regular family home evening. We celebrated our investigators birthday!! It was sooo much fun to be in our little family, Sister Miller making a wonderful jelly role cake, playing cards, singing happy birthday over and over :D
Whenever some one has a birthday in slovakia, they dont sing happy birthday here. What they do is everyone comes and shakes your hand for about 20 minutes each pronouncing upon you every sort of blessing they can possibly think of. It goes something a little like this:
Slovak approaches you, places one hand on your shoulder, holds your hand in theirs in a handshake, and they begin "I wish you this most spledid happy birthday, lots of love, and health, and happiness, and may nothing stop you from reaching your dreams, a big family with lots of children, all the desires of your heart, etc. etc." until they can no longer think of anything :D I love it so much.
then tuesday all the missionaries in slovakia came to KOSICE for the first ever missionary training in kosice. We commemorated the signiture miracle and received training from our sister trainer leaders and zone leaders. What a BLESSED day it was for us all!! We felt the spirit as Pres. Van Dalen bore his testimony about finding the restored gospel. He is our branch president right now, and one of the most consecrated men I have ever known. The members in slovakia know what it means to be dedicated to the church. They give their entire lives to her. It was wonderful to be able to talk with the missionaries, and share memories with my former companions as they trained us :D. We heard 8 departing testimonies! 2 elders, 2 senior missionaries, and us 4 sisters. It was crazy to see how much we have all grown. I love these missionaries so much. They have impacted me and changed me for the better. I know they have helped me to experience a mighty change of heart.
After the training our day continued as we met with investigators, contacted, taught. Next morning we boarded our bus and came into town so sis seninger could have her interview with President. I get to have mine in prague in 2 weeks. I was blessed to be able to sit and talk with sister McConkie. What a wonderful mother and example she is to us all. I love our mission family :D
Then thursday we had our koncert!! It went really nicely. Everyone sounded so great and we love our members supporting these koncerts. We were blessed to have their help and to get some new people to the church building. Then on saturday we had a BAPTISM. it was a beautiful beautiful experience.
We assembled at the church at 9 am to head up to the hotel where the baptism was to take place. The night before we had spoken with our investigator, had a beautiful spiritual lesson, and we all felt soo good about his decision to be baptized. We met and to the hotel we went! We rode the bus, while the rest of our congregation carpooled to the hotel. When we arrived there he was dressed in white! We were blessed to sing and give talks. His friend came to support him and he was baptized. I cannot possibly explain the feelings that were in my heart. It is sooo amazing to see the cleansing power of the atonement at work. The priesthood is real.
He was confirmed on sunday. Came in suit and tie and everything :D I feel so humbled and grateful, knowing that the Lord is hastening His work. What a beautiful blessing to be a missionary of Jesus Christ.

Have a beautiful week! I love you all and will see you... soon AHHH :D
s laskou, Sestra Kane


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