when missionaries are having a hard time & losing sight of the importance of their work, when they feel like there is no success to be had & no joy to be found behind closed doors, they would do good to themselves to remember that even in the pre-mortal existence, 1/3 chose not to adhere, follow, and listen to the gospel & God was the teacher, the missionary. Was He, the supreme creator, simply not a good enough teacher for these 1/3? No, the God we worship is all-powerful and perfect, but he allows us to exercise our agency. As a missionary it is important to remember that you cannot force anyone to accept the gospel, that the spirit is the teacher, and that you have to let the investigators choose to come unto Christ and accept his gospel.

if you don't feel as close to God today as you did yesterday, who moved?
- tennis shoes among the nephites

If you know Jesus Christ, be free with that knowledge. Share with all! :)


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