July 29th 2013 - bugs and all

Sorry I only have 15 minutes to email today!

- Today has been hectic.

Transfer Ended.
Picked up new companion at train station.
Train was late.
Ate some weird beef sandwhich. Planned to eat that. Didn't plan for it
to contain bugs.
So starving,ate it anyway.
Ran all over trying to find the platform/
Found her platform.
Found Sister Baird!
Took her home.
So hot here.

Ran home.
Ran to the library.
Ran to tesco.
Ran all over the planet... (but really)


and teaching tonight!

The life of a missionary :) It's quite the adventure.

We have a new investigator from Peru. He is progressing nicely. I am
excited to tell you more about him. I am really learning to see myself

to quote a famous broadway musical:
"I've heard it said, that people come into our lives for a reason...
and we are lead to those who help us most to grow, if we let them"
I have learned that FOR SURE this transfer. I think the Lord truly
knows us so much better than we know ourselves. He knows our needs,
our desires, our weaknesses, and he knows who can help us most in
life. This transfer just ended, and I had 2 of the most amazing
companions I could have ever asked for :)
Sister Sears has taught me so much about turning outward, about
planning, and about knowing the scriptures. She has shown me what it
means to lead by example, and to make it look effortless ;)
Sister Krauel helped me to learn *patience* (I am still learning),
organization, and to have a laugh. She is the most kindhearted and
conscientious person I know.

There are 6 sisters in all of Slovakia. I can't imagine that it's an
accident that, out of all the sisters who just put in papers not long
ago, the 6 of us ended up here together. I believe we have very
specific things to learn and to teach one another. I am excited to
learn from these 5 special women :)

Being in a companionship of 2 is now going to be quite strange :) but
I am excited for the next 9 weeks and for whatever the Lord has in
store for me. Bratislava is a special place.

I am all healed (just so everyone knows) and doing great. (no more
fever, pink eye, etc)

I love you all and I wish I had more time to tell you about this week!
Look forward to a longer email next week.



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