08/07/2013 letter

So speaking about that sandwich with bugs...
I ate CRICKETS this week. 
Our investigator from Peru cooked us some. Gotta say, took a LOT of guts to put one of those little buggies in my mouth. Once you get past the legs and their little eyes, it's just like popcorn anyway :)
This week has been an ADVENTURE. My new companion is Sister Baird. She is from California and we were in the MTC together. Meaning! dun dun dun... WE'RE FOLLOW UP TRAINING. 
It's quite the adventure. Sister Baird is awesome and we are going to see miracles this transfer.
It was a HARD week this week as Sister Baird and I tried to get in the swing of things, but we saw some awesome miracles and had some great experiences.
For whatever reason, I seem to be a magnet for old men. Managed to get "hugged" by 2 of them these week, one which WOULD NOT LET ME GO. Sister Baird luckily rushed in on that one...
Do we look like we give massages? ahem, TAG SAYS MISSIONARIES.
Thanks though :)
we had an amazing contact this week as Sister Baird and I were out. I had been studying families all morning (family prayer, family history, family home evening, a tak d'alej) Preach My Gospel says to look for families, and I had been praying ALL day "heavenly father, if it's your will, just please let us find a family today." At the end of hours of contacting, we talk to this one family. A mother, father, and maybe a 20 year old daughter in a wheelchair. Immediately they're interested, they give us their phone number, set up with us, they write down their address draw us up a map, say we'll meet you at this bus stop etc. etc. 
Sister Baird and I leave the contact going ... "did that really just happen?" 
God works in mysterious ways :)
another miracle :) 
We planned out all of our potentials for the week. We wrote down "Lucia thursday at 4:00" (A girl I contacted on the tram, but hadn't been able to set up with yet) We're walking to the most when Sister Baird says lets talk to this girl over here. It didn't work out, but then we talk to this other girl and she sets up with us! "What time?" we ask. "thursday at 4?" She says. We pull out our planners. "what's your name?" we ask.  "Lucia" she says.
NO WAY. Guess the Lord wanted us to meet with Lucia thursday at 4, just not the Lucia we thought it would be :)
We also were able to teach the law of chastity for the first time this week. I actually have decided I love teaching the law of chastity :) It's so cool to teach people about commandments because you get to promise them SOOOOO many blessings. I LOVE doing that :)
Our relief society president said something that touched my heart this week. She said "begin and end every day with God."
How true that statement is! If God isn't part of our day, then it's a wasted day.
I've been thinking a lot about how much I love God and Jesus Christ today.
And so, this morning, I decided to spend some time with Jesus.
Our conversation wasn't long, but I asked Him for some time. "Follow thou me" He said, and so I followed Him to a hill in Jerusalem where we sat and He began to talk (Matthew 5).
And as he preached, he spoke of the blessed.
I asked Him. "Savior, friend, redeemer, what does it mean to be blessed?"
To answer my question, he took me to ancient America. (3 Nephi 12-14)
And he said to me "Blessed are those who give head to the words of the prophets", those who follow my example and are baptized, and those who testify.
I have learned that being "blessed" does not mean our material possessions or gains are great, but rather it is the greatness of the the actions we perform. One who is "blessed" could thus be defined as one who acts according the the will of God.
To be "blessed" is to become Christ-like.
So my challenge to you this week is to take a walk with Christ sometime. You'll be amazed at what he has to teach you :)
and think about these questions:
What does it mean to truly love God? Do we just kind of "like" Him some days?
I love you all. Wish I could tell you some more events from this week, but you've heard the highlights. Talk to you all next monday



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