Sister Kane 09_30_13

This week was a week!
We had the lowest *success* EVER thus far on my mission.
We taught 3 whole lessons all week. Whoa.
Partially because my companion became deathly ill this week. Poor thing.
Made a lot of soup this week.
Read a lot of Jesus the Christ.

what to tell you this week?
I would love to know from your experiences how you were able to get
referrals, work with members better, or finding techniques :)

We just had transfers! Sister Baird and I are staying here in Bratislava.
I don't know HOW ON EARTH God trusts Sister Baird and I sooo much. 2
sisters, follow-up trained each other, still don't speak a lick of the
language (quite difficult), and we're building up the Bratislava
Branch here! And there are what maybe 60,000 missionaries out there
now? man oh man. We've got the weight on our shoulders :) I am sooo
grateful the Lord works with us. I have to lean on Him so much.

it's so weird how God asks us to do things that we have no idea how to
do. example: I don't know why, but god seems to like asking non-boat
builders to build boats.
i.e. Nephi & Noah.
Or Moses to part the red sea.
doubt he ever did that one before.
or what about the story of the Brother of Jared?
I think God likes asking us to do things we have NO idea how to do.
Not so that we can sit here and say "Heavenly Father, I have no idea
how to do that."
He already knows that. I think he asks us to do things we have NO idea
how to do so that we can say, "okay, I know the way is provided,
please help me to find it."
Then we gotta study and study and try with all our might to figure out
what God wants :)
this, my friends, is quite the revelatory process. might I say.

We are learning to rely on the Lord one day at a time.

This week we FINALLY found a service opportunity after weeks of searching :)
We are going to volunteer at the Red Cross. We help some physically
and mentally handicapped adults go on walks or do art/math/read.
Have you ever walked with angels? Because this week, I definitely did.
We went on a walk with them to the papiernictvo so that they could get
art supplies. One man with down syndrome became my best friend! He
can't talk, but his spirit is so sweet. They are such darling people
and I am soooo excited to work with them :D I've gotta up my language
so that I can communicate with them :) but the spirit is such a great
language. And we all already speak it with one another. They have so
much light :)

I wish you all could have been there. I felt like I found my sanctuary
in slovakia :)

Do you think Christ ever had a bad day? What about the day his friend
John got beheaded?
I can't imagine Christ's *burning desire* was to go hang out with
people in the city. In fact, I imagine that's why he left. Yet, the
multitudes followed him. Christ, being the perfect example that he
was, chose to have compassion on these people and to serve them. Many
times in my life I have seen that "feeling sorry for yourself" just
makes you "more sorry for yourself" and where does that get you?
No where.
but, choosing to lighten another's burdens, choosing to serve, to
love, and to work, can turn any day around :) I love service so much.
I truly think it is essential to becoming Christlike.

Also, one of our investigators bought some really *nice wine* for us
and the bishop when we came to teach him this week. Of course, we
don't drink wine. We had to politely explain we don't drink alcohol
and hope he wasn't offended. Then we had a wonderful lesson about the
plan of salvation :) Teaching with members is a beautiful beautiful
part of missionary work. I hope all of you members are trusting your
friends and families with the missionaries :)

We had a relief society activity this week! We made pillows and we had
one of our English students come with us! It was so amazing. This
little slovak community. There were 6 of us and a dog haha in this
little relief society room making pillows. The church is small here
but ever so sacred. This sunday Elder Utley and I were able to do a
musical number in this little branch. You know how I get nervous
playing in front of people, so I prayed for some "heavenly help" to
help the musical number go smoothly.
It was beautiful.
he sang "o moj otce" to the tune of "in remembrance of thy suffering"
I felt the spirit SO strong in that sacrament room.
There is no feeling like the spirit.
There is no feeling like the spirit during the sacrament. or in the temple.
This church is amazing. I just want to live in the chapel :)

Wish you all a happy week :) Enjoy your sunday next week. The Sabbath
is a sacred day. Hearing the Prophets and Apostles is a privilege :)
We are soooo lucky to speak english. It is the language of the
restoration and the language in which the restored church operates.
The language in which we can listen to God's word :)
Enjoy the temple this week :) Spend time with your family :)

Happy october!
Love - Sestra Kane


  1. Hi Sestra Kane,

    Happy Birthday!! You are a beautiful young lady, inside and out. I'm blessed to have you as a part of our family. You have such a strong testimony and so many talents!

    You asked for ideas for finding techniques. Have you tried using music? I was talking with someone recently who said that when they approached people on their mission they asked if they could share a song instead of a message and THEN followed-up with an offer to share a message. The music invited the spirit and it usually worked for them.

    Love you! Aunt Cathy



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