Sister Kane's Letter 09_16_13

O MY GOSH can you believe I have almost been out 6 months???? I CANNOT
believe it. Phew. Time flies on wings of lighting and we cannot call
it back! (to quote a hymn for ya)

I don't even know where to begin this week. I feel like Nephi trying
to record an awesome record but having to do so with gold plates and a
chisel. Man, that had to be tough. I admire Him, and all the other
prophets, sooo much for not giving up on the record.

This week I have been particularly touched by the story of the
Prodigal Son and Abraham.
I don't have time to discuss in length or detail adequately the
experiences I have had with these two sections of scripture; so I
leave with you all a few of my insights.

What is so significant about the story of the Prodigal son? The
absolute forgiveness of the Father? The extensive humility of the Son?
I believe that it is the fact of complete submission to the will of
the Father that makes this story so touching. The prodigal son, upon
seeking forgiveness, was 100% willing to accept anything (treatment,
reinstatement, servitude, or nothing at all) from his father. His
desire was to be forgiven, yet it mattered not if he was forgiven;
rather just that everything was in his father's hands.

more on Abraham: This week I read Abraham. A couple times.
Abraham is a pretty stellar prophet, gotta say.
I can't even imagine what must have lead him to be soo strong.
Have you ever realized that he came from the most broken family?
His own father was sacrificing women and children, worshiping false
idols, and even tried to kill Abraham. Yet, Abraham sought to be a
worthy priesthood holder and a father. He sought after righteousness.
Despite the hardships he faced in his home growing up, he saw that the
future held hope for positive changes.
How can this story be applied to the world today?
well, how many people pull the excuse today of "I was affected by my
parents who were drug addicts, or verbally abusive, or maybe just
mean; therefore my inappropriate behavior is excusable"
Abraham's father tried to sacrifice him for goodness sakes. Yet, he
endured! He trusted in the Lord. He knew what was right. How was he
able to gain such a strong testimony when he was raised in such an
unrighteous atmosphere?

Also, I find it pretty cool that in his moment of desperation, Abraham
calls on God for support; not the fan boy sitting by Pharoah. He had
to have SO much trust in God. I admire him so much. I look forward to
the day when I, hopefully, get to meet Abraham because he is my new
favorite prophet I just love him so much.

I can't even imagine the emotional baggage he must have carried from
his experiences with his father; then to be asked by the Lord to
sacrifice His only son. Man. What a test of faith. I can't even
imagine what that must have been like.
it makes my trials seem pretty insignificant.
Why did God need to test Abraham to such an extent?
Did God need Abraham to prove something? Did God need to see if he
would actually be obeyed?
I think that Abraham needed to learn to rely on the Lord. That trial
was all about what Abraham needed to learn. God tests us. He tries us
so that we can learn. Everything that is difficult or hard in life is
for our benefit and learning. I know that is true :)
And I say that in the sacred name of my savior, Jesus Christ, Amen :)
Love you all !

Love Sestra Kane


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