Sister Kane's Letter 10_21_13

You know those moments when someone tells you an "Ensign story" ?

well - if not - here you go:

Tuesday night Sister Baird and I are riding the bus home from the
Center when we begin talking with a mom and her toddler. Standard
conversation - nothing to "miraculous"
"where are you from?"
"why are you learning Slovak?"
"It's a tough language, vsak?"
"I've lived in Bratislava my whole life"
"I'm an atheist"
but then she tags on
oh and by the way "my 9 week old baby just passed away."

Sister Baird and I begin to talk to her about the Plan of Salvation,
how she'll see her daughter again one day, and Sister Baird asks her
the beautiful question of what her favorite thing was about her
daughter. She pulls out her phone and shows us pictures. "Her smile"
she says. She began to cry.
whoa. talk about a spiritual moment. Although this woman was very
closed off to God and blamed him for the death of her daughter, sister
Baird and I both felt like God sent her to us for a reason. She needed
to know God loved her, knew her personally, and wanted her to be
comforted in her grief.

Why at times do we "refuse to be comforted?" (Enoch even did this and
he was a prophet)
Don't we understand that one of the roles of the Holy Ghost is to
comfort us? I think many times we just refuse to let him. Why do we
want to stay mad or sad or hurt? Are we so afraid and untrusting of
the atonement?
I want to learn to rely on my Savior better. To let him have my griefs
and sorrows, aches pains, and burdens. It's okay to be comforted :)
that's what the Holy Ghost is there for :) let him do his job.

We also had an amazing lesson this week with a woman we met on the
street. Turns out she began looking for God months ago (just reading
and praying) and she is on the search to find "truth". Praying for her
to become an investigator this week! We call her "blue-headband"
because she always wears one :)
I know there are people out there searching for the gospel and I love
Elder Ballard's talk from this last conference about reaching out to
them. Are all of you accepting his challenge to "reach out to one?"
between now and Christmas? I hope so :) Mom, Ryan, Sam, Dad, cousins,
and anyone else who reads my blog :) reach out to someone with the
gospel!! :) Pray for your fears to be turned to faith. Pray everyday
for missionary opportunities.
then act!

we are now also trying to teach a miracle man we met in a little town
called Samorin. (sha-more-een)
He doesn't really speak english or slovak so not sure how we're
teaching him yet, but we've taught him twice! He's hungarian. That
little town is turning out to be a miracle city for us. Found our
family there that we're teaching :) found the hungarian boy :) and
felt some Heavenly Help out there.
Had some very sacred experiences.

I am constantly amazed at how God must have been the master planner
and enacter.
Just look at the plan of salavion.
What a well thought out plan. I wonder how look it took Him to cook
that thing up.
And then to get the ball rolling? How did he never "sigh" and say
"man! Is this ever gonna work?" I wonder how God has sooo much
patience as every piece of the plan progresses.
I have a lot to learn from Him about maintaining an eternal
perspective on life.

Sister Baird and I got to give talks this week! Woot :) It was really
fun. I like giving talks. Minus the fact that giving a talk in slovak
is probably the biggest adrenaline rush ... it's always cool try and
say to a group of people what Christ would say to them if he were
there. She talked about baptism, I talked about the Sabbath Day.
I love the Sacrament. I am so grateful every Sunday that I can prepare
myself to partake of that sacred ordinance. I still don't understand
it fully, but I know that renewing my covenants is a sacred blessing
of being a member of this restored church. :) I read from 3 Nephi 18
about the sacrament. I've always found it striking that the apostles
and the people talk about being "filled" though they merely partook of
a little bread and wine.
How were they filled? What does it mean to be filled?

I believe they were "filled with the spirit"
I think "being filled" means recognizing the love of God and the
spirit and letting them work within us :)

We also had our koncert this week! It went pretty well :) Sister Baird
and I sang somewhere over the rainbow. I played a piano piece and
accompanied 3 others. We had an opera singer who I just KNOW NEEDS THE
GOSPEL :) I love her she's great. I just want her to have the gospel
in her life soooo much :) I know it'd make her soooo happy!
as always, trying to find new investigators and build up the kingdom
here in bratislava!

Don't forget, as announced in conference, there are 15 million
missionaries out there now :) "every member a missionary"

Love sestra Kane


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