Sister Kan's Letter 10_14_13

First of all, the Bratislava members are Amazing and the slovak
missionares are amazing and everything here is just amazing :)

I had my birthday this week! I am officially 21! Isn't that weird? It
feels weird.
One of the members here is studying animation and she drew me the
coolest picture for my birthday :) One of the members I remember
skyping with in the MTC and now we teach with her. Wow the world is
such a small place :) She also got me some chocolate. They are too
sweet :) God was WAY to good to me on my birthday. I got to watch
CONFERENCE!!! It was the BEST birthday gift ever :) Even got called 3
times by missionaries in other areas to sing me happy birthday. So
sweet. There are special people in this mission, members and

I want to work better with members! That is my take away from conference :)

sad part of my birthday, though, left my scriptures on a Tram :(
Bummer. Lost a LOT of memories and momentos in those, but I think it's
okay because now those scriptures will get to bless some one else's
life. I prayed and was talking with God about those lost scriptures.
Why? why why why why why ? I LOVED Those things, and I lost them. I
was sad; i'll be the first to admit. But then I had a really cool
experience with prayer. I turned my prayer from "why me" to "what's
the purpose?"
I received this sweet answer to my prayer.

"Sister Kane? Remember the tab you have in your scriptures?"
(I have a tab sticking out of my scriptures. it marks John 14)
"do you remember what that tab says?"
(I thought for a moment. Yes. It says 'good scriptures for a bad day -
or a really good one')
"trust in the Lord that he's going to use that."
Now I don't know if someone who hopefully speaks english found those
scriptures and it'll uplift their day or help them some how, but God
will use them for a divine purpose and I'm grateful he gave me an
answered prayer so immediately on my birthday :)

we didn't meet with Darth mal this week, but! We did meet with a
FAMILY! Sister Baird and I are now teaching a mother, her 13 year old
daughter, and her father. We did ask them to be baptized and the
Father gave such a beautiful response. He said "well, when I know it's
true I guess that would be the logical thing to do, right?"
or something to that effect (it's all in slovak ya know, so I can't
directly translate - still learning)
We are sooo excited to teach them. The woman has such beautiful faith
in Christ and the daughter was really excited to read the book of
mormon when we left it with them last week. Gah misisonary work is SOO
cool :) I love being a missionary here in bratislava! :) The members
and the people are just so special. I love them! :)

I had a cool experience today with the Holy Ghost :)
I had a prompting yesterday to ask our district leader if he would
like us to study anything before district meeting tomorrow to be
prepared, but I forgot about that prompting until this morning. So, I
called our Distric Leader on the way to the library and asked him this
morning. He was a bit shocked ;) as I guess he had been contemplating
whether or not to ask us to study "pray often" from preach my gospel.
"sister kane" he said "how did you know I wanted you to study
"duch svaty" :) holy ghost  - my response haha
really though. I had no idea, but I am so grateful that the spirit
speaks to us. I still am learning day by day how to listen and I am
far from good at it. My companion teaches me a lot. She's the most in
tune with the spirit person that I know :) She's a great example for
me. I love her!

I see every day that the Lord truly does guide us and direct us where
to go. I don't know or understand half the time what God expects of
me, wants me to do, or how he's going to accomplish this work, but
somehow it all works out :) why?
because I read my scriptures every day
I pray every day
I repent every day
I try to keep the commandments every day to the best of my ability
I love every day
and I try to remember my savior every day, every moment. try try try so hard :)
It's the daily's :) Small and simple means are often the most beautiful.

Love you all :)
remember to remember the daily's


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