Sister Kane 01_27_14 In Trencin

 wow. What a week!

Can't believe transfers are already here. (granted Sister Belibi and I both know where we're staying.. haha) 

Guess we shall find out monday. 

phew. -10 degrees celcius here! (no idea what that is in farenheight) but we are some cold missionaries :) 
But despite that! WE SAW COOOOOOOOL Miracles this week :D 

God is so cool. 


I think people have an innate desire to progress. To me, this desire is evidence of God's existence. We can see this if we just take a look at society. How obsessed are we with becoming perfect and succesful? the "marks" of progression, if you will. People can tell you all day long that they don't believe in God, but something within them drives them to "be better"or to "do more with their lives". Why is this? It is because the plan of the Master creator is within us all; believer or unbeliever. We learned His plan before this life. We may have forgotten a lot when we came to this new world, but the nature of God is within us all. It is just TRUE; that we can become like God. It's soo much a part of us that even the society that tries to escape Him is influenced by Him 100%.    

This week we had our koncerts!! One in trencin and one in zilina. They went really well. Starsi Lamb's guitar's neck snapped in half the morning of the Koncert (SATAN!), and our TV randomly decided to be in black in white in the middle of the knocert, so there was obviously some immediate opposition. But! We had a beautiful turn out. We taught the restoration to about 40 people this week in the space of 2 hours. (members, non members, less active members and investigators). 
God is cool. Thanks to Him we had such a beautiful opportunity to do so :) I love sharing my testimony through song. :) Never thought I would be singing so much on my mission :P 

Joseph Smith once spoke of the words of his parents being "written on the tablet of his heart." I know that my parents have had a profound impact on my and my heart i.e. the figurative center of my testimony. This week one man at the koncert came to me and asked "who are your parents?" "what?" I said (quite shocked. Not the average question you get from a complete stranger) He proceeded to tell me that I must have very special parents because of my "strong character". He wanted to know everything about them. Haha so I told him all about my mom and Dad and how amazing they are and all they've done for me. Way to go parents :) Love you both. 

But now, I want to take this little story one step further. What if people, like this man, could look at us and see our character, and ask us "who are your parents?" What if the character of God was so ever present in our cadence that everyone around us couldn't help but ask "who are you and where did you come from?" Wouldn't we have BEAUITIFUL experience like Ammon "boasting of our God"??? :D I think so. 
Goal! - Receive His image in my countenance this week. 

Both of those koncerts were miralces. Met 3 deaf men on the train traveling to the koncert in Zilna :) Sooo fun to try and talk to people in sign language. I pulled out pictures of my family, we looked at my fan chart, talked about family history, and about happiness :) They all worked with cars, so when they saw my picture of John with his car they were all like "honda prelude!!" haha I guess they even know his car here in Slovakia :) I don't think the spirit can be limited by language barriers. nah. not possible :) He's too cool for that. 

Also were able to teach our Investigator's family! We went to his house, we walked in the door and guess what was playing? Mormon Tabernacle choir! no way! We were quite surprised :) I think Investigators find a lot more on their own than we realize. Missionaries really do very little in the conversion process. We spoke of prayer and of God. They all accepted book of mormons, but baptism may take some time. I love their family so much. I just want them to have such beautiful blessings :) 

We were waking down a street, tracting. Man ZOOMED by in his car. Slammed on his brakes. Backed up. Rolled down his window. "hey girls!" we say who is that...? "Ive been thinking about you!" he says. Gets out of his car. Whoa. A man we contacted a few weeks ago. Sets up to meet the next day. Gets back in his car. Drives away. MIRACLE. right place right time. SPIRIT!

Not sure why God needs me to learn SOOO much humility right now :) But I am trying. I am seeing SOOO many miracles. Had one of the most spiritual experiences this week in my mission. There's a man we're teaching. He's been meeting with missionaries for 4 months.  We met and talked (really not about anything spiritual. Just work, life, his family) but we start a spiritual discussion about the holy ghost. Mid discussion - we have to leave because we have that meeting with the man mentioned above. So we leave. But then he told us he had to go shut off the water at his grandparents cottage. We could finish our discussion about the HOly Ghost. He invited us along. Should we go? we pray about it. spirit says yes. Ok go! We went. Took the Elders. Went there. SOO COOL. sooo much history. SOOO many old books etc. gah so cool. But that's not even the best part. We were driving home. This WHOLE TIME WHOLE TIME I am just praying praying praying praying PLEASE PLEASE let us share the gospel with him. What can we say? what can we do? As we're driving home I just kept praying. pray pray pray!
We were about to pull into the church parking lot and I say "So why do you believe in God anyway?" he turns off the car sits a minute thinks and answers. God gives him purpose. BUT THEN HE TURNS THE QUESTION ON ME. 'Sister Kane, why do YOU believe in God?"(phew, never ask an investigator a question you aren't prepared to answer yourself). but I was prepared :) I answered. Shared my experience of how I have come to know God is real. STRONG STRONG spirit. testimony. God. Jesus Christ. Book of mormon. Elder Lamb brings up authority. 4 missionaries. one car. Everyone cross testifying (it was like an INTENSE MOVIE). Him - "So you would all say, you can ALL say that you know, YOU KNOW the book of mormon is true?" he goes around the car, asking each of us. '"yes" - sister belibi, "yes"- elder lamb "yes"- elder Ellingson, "yes"-me. then he sat for a long time. "but how can you be sure that you even CAN be sure?" 

I think he asked a very important question; it's the question I want to leave with you all today at the close of my letter. How can we be sure that we can be sure? How have YOU all come to know with assurity that what you believe to be true, is in fact true? 

Love you all!! Wish you all the best. keep up your great missionary work :) !!


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