Kari's Letter 02_03_14

I am staying here in Trencin! And guess what? I have a new companion.
who is actually my old companion.
Remember Sister Krauel? Woot! Back together again. We were trained together. 

Guess the Lord has something for us to do together. 

Monday. P-day. What'd we do? Trip to the castle. Trencin Castle! And actually what did we do? well, we talked about God. 
From the castle, you can see alllllllllll of trencin. The people walking down below, the smoke coming from the chimneys, the trains along the hillside, the fields in the distance. We stood there just amazed at the view. Sister Belibi Minya asked "Do you think this is how God sees?" huh. I thought about it. I am still thinking about it. How does God see?

As a result of our conversation I have been thinking a lot about vision. Does God see everything happening here on earth from a birds eye view? Does he see through a camera lens into specific moments similar to a movie scene? Can he view the tender and private moments like a father and a daughter spending time together at the park or a mother driving in her car listening to an audiobook? as well as the big events like wars and gatherings? 
I cannot even begin to imagine how God must see us. and the world.  

In college I often had professors who spoke of seeing the world through certain lenses. There is the "mormon lens" there is probably a "parental lens" we could probably even say there are male and female "lenses". In fact, there are many many ways that we can look at the world, see it, and interpret it. What would it be like to look through God's lens? How differently would we see the world around us? I think that may be called repentance. 
I am amazed at how often the scriptures speak of vision. There is a need to broaden our view, to change the way we see. Perhaps this is what the angel tried to teach Nephi as he pleaded again and again "look!" and Nephi "looked and beheld" the mysterious of God, of which he had not earlier understood the meaning. (1 Nephi 11:17) 
Nephi was not only a visionary, but learned from one - his father. His father had dreamed dreams "seen visions" and as such inspired his son to seek to do the same. I believe our heavenly father, too, can inspire us to see a little more like he sees, catch a little more of his vision. 

This week we taught some new people :) We are teaching a jehovah's witness. It is going to be interesting. I have never taught anyone like him before. 
I am excited to see what this transfer has in store!! It will be great!! Keep reading and praying and will all diligence - live the gospel. Love you all!! Challenge for this week :) Memorize a scripture a day. Elder Scott spoke of the power of the scriptures becoming our friends. Let the spirit and the scriptures expound your memory ( as Elder Christofferson would teach). I would love to hear what is your favorite scripture?? and why? and how have you shown God your gratefulness for that scripture?? 
Love sister kane! 


  1. elo Kane, you have a facebook? I meet you one time in Bratislava with sister Baird : )



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