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Wasn't conference amazing?

I hope you all felt uplifted, edified, and called to repentance :) I know I did. Conference is such a special time of year. I am sooo grateful for the words of living apostles and prophets. Tonight we are doing a lecture, inviting local leaders and friends to come listen to one of President Monson's talks and then opening up for a question and answer session afterwards. Hoping to find new people to teach! (keep us in your prayers :D) 

I always pray to know what to write you all each week. I consider you at home just as much a part of this missionary work as the members and investigators here in Slovakia.
Know you're loved :) and not only by me :) 

When Adam and Eve came into the world, they were faced with no small decision. In fact, you could say their's was a life-altering decision for all of the human race. I cannot even imagine the responsibility they felt. They must have known they would need to rely on the Lord, more than EVER before. 

All of us, at times, face difficult decisions or heavy responsibility. Though we may not be asked to determine humanity's progression, sacrifice our first born child, lead nations, or to cross open oceans, God may request of us tasks which seem equally difficult.

Due to the fall of Adam and Eve, all of us have entered a fallen world where making decisions is a part of every day life. We are now on a path, walking, walking, walking, making daily decisions that will help us reach our final destination - Eternal Life. 

As you walk on this path, there are some obstacles. In fact, there are two giant pits. 
What's the obstacle of a pit? well, can't go under it. can't go around it. And you don't want to fall into it. Falling into it. not being able to get out. So what do you do?
Luckily, this first pit has a massive bridge built over it, enclosed with high walls, so that no one can fall in. The second pit, however, is more perilous. It's deep. It spans the path, wide,with no way to go around, only to fall in. Unfortunately, all of us, at times, will fall in this 2nd pit. 

 So what are these 2 pits? Pit #1 is death. Pit #2 is sin. 
Thanks to Jesus Christ, who we celebrate this easter season, every person who lived, lives, or will live on this earth, will escape death. We will all be resurrected. 
Sometimes, however, we fall into that 2nd pit. What happens when you fall in a pit?
 You're stuck there alone. With no way to escape.
So how do you get out? On your own, the efforts are futile. You must wait for the 3rd party rescuer to bring you a ladder. 
Jesus Christ is that 3rd party rescuer. His atonement is that ladder. Each rung on the ladder represents a step of His gospel. As we exercise faith, we step off the ground of sin and begin the ascent. Repentance frees our second leg, and we begin to climb. Higher and higher we go, until at last we receive the amazing blessings of covenants. Baptism and the Holy Ghost. We continue to make more covenants and live them until we have once again returned to live with God and have gained eternal life. 
What would happen, though, if we only had the rungs of the ladder?
Each of the "rungs" of the gospel without the Atonement firmly attached is merely a rung, useless for our escape. 

How many times in the scriptures do we learn of men stuck in the pits of sin? 
David in psalms 40 speaks of being in a "horrible pit". But what is it that delivers him? 
Patience, prayer, and establishing his feet upon the rock, even Jesus Christ himself. 
In 1 Nephi 14:3 we learn that we can fall into the pits we dig. 
One of my favorite quotes talks about how every time we begin the journey of revenge, we begin by digging 2 pits. One for the person upon whom we seek vengeance, and one for ourselves. 
Do we dig our own pits by being angry? By refusing to repent? By denying the promptings we receive? By staying our hand, when we have a gospel message to extend? 
Every person needs the gospel. Every person is a child of God. Every person deserves to feel the love of their heavenly parent. 

So what happens when these pits are dug by some one other than ourselves? 
I think Daniel and Joseph of Egypt could shed some light on that subject. 
While I don't necessarily encourage that any of us should go play with our "personal lions" anytime soon, I believe Daniel teaches us a great deal about being patient with others who are trying to bury us. Joseph similarly teaches us that loving those who sometimes throw us in pits, is the greatest way to soften both their hearts and ours. 

The moments when you give your heart to a slovak, listen with the love of Gdd, and feel the spirit drenching the room, are the moments that I live live live live live live for as a missionary. These moments change our hearts and the hearts of those whom we serve. There is a miracle every time a heart is changed through the atoning powers of Jesus Christ our Savior. 

As the easter season approaches I encourage you to think about Him. JUST how much He loves YOU. He has given you everything He had to give. 
He died for you and He lives for you. 
Won't you as well live for Him?
We have great reason to rejoice this upcoming easter season. He lives :) I know He lives :)
Let other people know it too! 

Love you all - Love Sister Kane


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