Sister Kane March 31st

I am reminded from a scene from one of my favorite movies. In it, there is a woman confined to a hospital... She's very old. She's very ill. She refuses to eat any food. 
Her doctor, though an intelligent man and ranked among the finest physicians, cannot motivate her to eat. In desperation, he seeks out the advice of his "friend"  (his former roomate) 
But these two men DO NOT like each other. The doctor knows, however, that this other man has a great love for people. And, he is desperate. 
Patch Adams - this former roommate - remembers that the woman once spoke to him about her experiences as a little girl. Her mother would let her cook with her, and she loved to stick her hand in the pot of noodles and squeeze them between her fingers. Patch remembers this story and decides to help the doctor because of his love for this woman.  
He finds a spot in the grass outside the hospital. Gets a giant plastic pool. Fills it full of noodles! Then his friend, the doctor, wheels out the woman from the hospital. She looks hopeless, but when she sees patch int he pool of noodles, she practically leaps from her wheelchair! They pick her up and set her in the pool. She laughs and has hope restored. and the result of it all? the two men reconcile their differences, she has a great time and agrees to eat again :) 
What can be learned from this beautiful story? 

For me, it is this principle: There is great motivating power in christ-like love. 
I don't know about you, but when I think of power in a worldly sense - I don't think of love. I don't look at people like the president and say "waw! He must love the people so much." 
but every time I think of christ I say in reverence "wow. He must love the people SOO much."
If you asked the question on the street: who is the most powerful person in all of history? What answers would people give?
Would anyone say it was Jesus Christ? 

The scriptures speak again and again of His matchless power. He was fully God, and fully man. The only man with control over death. The only with with control over the salvation of other men. 
Yet humble. submissive, long suffering, and obedient. 

How can this story of this woman apply to us and to investigators? 
Many of us are, at times, like the doctor. We love some one and want SOOO badly for them to do what is best for them (in the case of the woman, it was to eat food again. In our circumstances it may be that we want some one to come back to church. To forgive. to quit sinful behavior). Yet, we cannot seem to motivate them to act. This is the point where we, like the doctor, have a choice. We either humble up, and ask for help; or let our loved ones suffer. How often have you turned to a church-leader, a parent, or a dear friend for advice just in an attempt to help some one else? how different was that experience than one where you needed to ask someone whom you didn't like for their advice? Have you ever had such an experience? 

All of us, members and investigators, have a relationship with God. We are his children. We can be angry at him, if we choose. Acting like the doctor, frustrated because we simply don't understand a situation. Or, we can humble ourselves, like he eventually did, and turn to God and ask "what would Thou have me do?" 

Humility is key to finding answers to our questions. 
I testify that it is in those moments when we seek to know and do the will of God, that our relationship with him will be forever strengthened. 
I know that God is SOOOO real. So real. 
Never ever forget that he is there. Call on him. Ask Him as He has asked you to do the asking :)  (ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you) (see Enos1:15) (Ether 2:14) (3 Nefi 14:7-8)

Look to God to know who we are and who He is :) (Helaman 10:6) 

This week I felt the love of God soo deeply for our investigators. Everyone wants to feel his love. How grateful am I to be a vessel through which his love is manifest. I saw the power of God's love this week as we met with a less-active member. She is a wonderful wonderful woman. I love her so much. As we went tracting, we had a meaninful conversation at almost every home! (that's never happened to me before) 3 people accepted brochures and said we could come back to teach them. 

I love you all! Have a wonderful week. 
Love sister kane


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