We had our first training and exchange as sister Training leaders!
phew! Sister Krauel and I trained approx. 60 missionaries for 30 minutes. It was fun! :) Such an awesome opportunity.
We really have some of the GREATEST missionaries in this mission and we were sooo lucky to learn from them this training.
I have learned so much by shareing what I have learned.
I want to do something where I will learn every day. I LOVE learning and being educated.

How often do we, like Enoch, refuse to be comforted by the Lord?

example: This week I was blessed with the opportunity to go on an exchange. Wow. What an amazing privelege to work with the sisters in this mission. As I was in Zilina, I gained a special insight into how the savior must feel at times.
We were leaving the church building, already running a few minutes behind to reach a teaching appointment. As we exited the church, her arms were full of scriptures, notebooks, a coat, and all sorts of things. She tried to lock the door of the church as we left, and as a result many of these things fell to the ground. "here, let me take something" I said. "No, I got it."she responded. "No really, please. Just hand me your scriptures or your coat just something." "No, I'll just set them here on the ground."
How is this like the Savior? How often does the He stand just RIGHT next to us asking us, pleading with us to just "let him take" our sins? He knows they're heavy, hard to carry. He knows they hinder the tasks we are attempting to perform. He knows all too well.
So, sadly, how often do we respond "no, I got it."
If there is anything that you are holding onto just because you can or just because you feel like you don't need his help yet, STOP IT. just stop it :)
He will never forcefully grab the burdens from our arms, but the second we turn to him and say "yes please, can you take this from me?" he is there. Unlike the scriptures and coat etc. in this situation, once we have given our sins to him to carry, we must not ask for them back.

I have learned a LOT on my mission about allowing other people to step into my life and help me. Or, even when I don't need the help, allowing them to help me. It is easy to look for opportunities to help others, because EVERYONE wants to help. Few people want to admit they need help. BUT WHAT a blessing it is to be served. I LOVE sister Krauel. She is so patient with me. I know that our companionship hasn't been the easiest for her, but I am grateful for the skills and talents she brings to Trencin. I love Jesus Christ Soo much. I wonder sometimes if I will ever know him as deeply as I would like. Step by step, I am getting there. I know a large part of any hinderance in my progress comes from me. I tend to be quite stubborn and I have noticed I actually really struggle with being unified with my companion. I've always been very independent. It's an odd thing to find a balance between deendency on God, reliance on Christ and self-reliance. Perhaps because they are all meant to work without distinction - no balance needed.

The Brno conference was great! We had a member 70 from finland come (sorry I can't remember his name). You could just FEEL his authority as he was in the room. He came to our training for just a brief moment. Prez. McConkie asked him if he had anything to share, and his only message to us was "I love you"
Wow. What a powerful phrase. 10 times more powerful than i hate you. That phrase literally has little power. It is soo much more powerful to love. Love is the power of God. 

We also had a BEAUTIFUL first meeting. We were on a vylet with our invesitgator, coming back by bus. We were talking, and we contacted a boy on the bus sitting next to us. Set up a meeting. He came and also brought his step brother. We've had 3 referrals come through in the past 2 weeks. A woman at the school brought her friend to meet us, this man with his step brother, and a member and her friend. I know that asking for referrals works!
our neighbor's daugther passed away (17 months) - so we made cards took them around to all our neighbors and had them write them a little note
battle of austerlitz! (where it took place) they have a concrete factory like soldiers and a cannon
beautiful yellow fields


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