I lost my Finger - Sister Kane -5_19_2014

Just kidding!!
sorry this email won't be too long :) difficult to type when you're missing a finger :)
This week we were helping a sister crack walnuts. I was trying to pry a nut out of it's shell when... the knife slipped and decided to go through my finger! whoops.
Quite the adventure. Sister Krauel probably about died at the sight of the blood ;) Luckily Elder Brousseau patched me up fine (knows tons of first aid stuff). I was sitting on a chair in her home, because everyone told me all the color ran out of my face. (sooo pale). So we waitied. Knew it probably needed stitches, but going to the hosptial on a sunday night for stitches can take HOURS and HOURS in slovakia. Soo this morning we headed to the hospital early to get it checked out. We go there, wait for an hour. No body shows up, we're trying to get a nurse's attention, we're told to wait, wait wait. wait some more. There's like 50 people in a little room all waiting. Finally get a nurse. Tell her in my broken slovak I've cut my finger and probably need some stitches. She asks for my passport, says I'll need 400 euros up front before they'll even put my name on a list and I could end up waiting 6-8 hours or longer, there's one doctor. Everyone else is waiting too. 
gah! picture a long gray hallway from a horror movie with flickering lights. 
I about died. 
This is the point where you say "okay just kidding :) I'll live without stitches"

Luckily!! A member who is an ANGEL came and talked with the nurse, they agreed to just look at my finger, they said we'd have better luck at a polklinkia around the corner where there's a private chirgien, so off we go. He was very nice!! :) He has me lay down on a table, puts some disinfectant on my finger, the other nurse starts asking us about our church, why I'm in here in slovakia, where I went to school etc. They put in a couple stitches and badange me up and I'm good to go!!
needless to say it was an eventful week :) unlike any other :)
We had a BEAUTIFUL exchange with the kosice sisters. Kosice is a BEAUTIFUL city. Soooo gorgeous. We got to see the tatras (so weird to see mountains again)  Sister Seniger and I taught a young man who was SOOOO prepared too. He accepted a book of mormon, he was orphan, he began searching for the God (since he had no father) and got really into religion, and he's just willing to do whatever it takes to get close to God. Wow. It was just such an awesome lesson. We also found 2 new investigators this week finally!!! 

One of them is inventing a really cool program to help people blink more when they look at computer screens, since people don't blink enough and it leads to eye damage. He was showing us all his marketing for it and he's super smart! funny thing is we tracted into his parents a few weeks ago. We went to his house and he introduced us to his mom. Her comment was "as long as they're not jehovah's witnesses" haha we all had a good laugh. They're a great family.
mom! I met a woman EXACTLY like Diane on the train. her slovak twin! She accepted a book of mormon! It was soo cool because it was the first book of mormon I have been able to give away in a quick contact in my whole mission. I have been working on that goal for months and months and I always get sooo close to giving one away, but then the person always gives it back at the last second. So that was cool that God helped me with that goal. :)
I also gave a talk yesterday on faith. I was talking about the law of chastity in part of my talk and I made quite an error in slovak.... soo funny and embarassing. At least I got the memebers to laugh :) there are 2 words in slovak "cudnost" which means chastity and "čudnost" which means weirdness. I accidentally said the "law of weirdness" instead of chastity. I caught myself the second I said it and corrected it but everybody got quite a great laugh :)
We saw sooo many miracles this week. Had a beautiful lesson with 2 of our investigators. They agreed to try and live the word of wisdom and the spirit was soooo strong!!!!!!!!!!! I love slovakia!!!!!!!!!!!!
love you all 
sestra kane


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