Sister Kane's Letter 08_19_13

I've been studying the restoration a LOT this week; specifically the
section concerning prophets. I've never realized before how often PMG
emphasizes that the role of a prophet is to reveal to us our true
relationship to deity. How lucky are we, as missionaries, that we get
the sacred calling of helping others to understand their personal
relationship with God and Jesus Christ.

Everything in the gospel stems back to our personal relationship with
God. Prayer, daily scripture study, church attendance, covenant making
and keeping, repentance, and even sharing the gospel has roots in our
understanding of this relationship.
Every PMG lesson begins by outlining our relationship with Him. We
constantly teach people about a loving God who knows them profoundly
personal levels. In life, I've noticed the hardest times are when we
don't understand that relationship.

I thanked God, I think, for the first time in my life the other night
for LISTENING to my prayers.
I thank Him for a lot of things, but listening?
Have you actually ever thought about what an amazing miracle it is
that God LISTENS to our prayers?
Here He is, supreme creator of the universe, perfect, and omnipotent,
yet he has time for me whenever I request. He always listens, and
never half-heartedly.
I thought to myself: Have I actually ever said "thank you, dad, for
being the listening ear? for putting up with all my complaining? for
never saying "I told you so" when I come to confess my mistakes?"

When was the last time you thanked God for all the time he devotes to you?
"Our works begin on our knees." - Elder Neil Anderson

We also had exchanges with Sister Barney and Sister Huggard this week.
Woot woot! It's cool since Sister Huggard and I know each other from
junior high haha. We go WAY back.

We met a man in a flower shop. :) He's an atheist, probably 70 ish
years old. He gave us some flowers, we returned a week later with
zucchini bread and a book of mormon complete with testimonies written
in slovak. He said to give him 2 weeks and he'll have it read. "happy
are we, happy are we."

We found an investigator (the violinist) and taught him tons this week
and he has a baptismal date! Unfortunately, he also dropped us this
So we're back to square one of finding, again, but! We have some
exciting plans in motion.

Sister Baird and I are putting together a concert (sept 7) for faith.
Should be a great chance to meet people and get them introduced to the
missionaries. We are also doing more service, putting together a film
night this week. We want to start doing some lecture series at the
universities. We have all types of new "finding" that we're trying.
We're on the search for people to teach :)

meanwhile, we found an AMAZING girl this week we're teaching. She's
met with missionaries forEVER. She is catholic, and was ready and
willing to accept the Book of Mormon/baptism/shabam everything. BUT
she prayed in a kostel about the eucharist, felt good, and took that
as her answer to stay catholic. We love her SO MUCH :) She is sooo
confused about what God wants her to do in life right now, and she is
the most fascinating person :) we're excited to teach her this week.
We also found a man and his family :) SUPER CATHOLIC... in fact work
in a church. In fact... grandpa is a priest. Oh boy :) Dad let us in,
though. Accepted Book of Mormon :) and is reading? and we get to teach
him tomorrow? Ohhhh boy :) by the way, we don't speak slovak. let's
see how this one goes :)
Send some prayers our way :)
he tried to return the Book of Mormon to us last night, but we simply
said "it's a gift" and he said "but you paid for it" we said "nope,
it's free" so he kept it :) oh and we gave him another chapter to
read. He seemed excited to read it. He gave us a referral. Set up a
return appointment.
No big deal. God only is the coolest person ever. I love Him.

I LOVE YOU ALL :) Thank you for all your love and support.


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