Sister Kane 11_18_13

There is great power in eye contact.

When some one looks you in the eye, they can read you.
They can see your story.
They can tell if you're honest.
If your day is going well.
If you're happy.
If you're tired.
or okay.

The unique part, then, is what you get to tell them back.
Your eyes can tell them about love.
about happiness
about Jesus Christ.

I have seen the power in my mission over and over of looking a
stranger in the eye and bearing testimony of the Savior, Jesus Christ,
and his restored gospel. I know He lives. I know he loves us. As a
missionary, each and every day I can see when people notice the light
we carry. I see it in the bus when people make eye contact with Sister
Baird and I, but can't help to keep doing double glances.
What is it that they see that says "hey, take a second look at that"

It's the light of Christ, and the gift of the Holy Ghost.
I am so grateful for the chance God has given me to be a light. There
is power in brightening some one's day and chasing away their darkest
nightmares. Jesus Christ is the light :)

so for this week :)

Adventure #1 - I lost Sister Baird.
We were on the bus. I got off the bus to go home (at our normal
apartment stop) but my companion didn't get off.
Not to mention it's completely dark outside.
Anyway, got home WAY quick and waited for her to show up (all the
while praying) since I had the phone and the apt keys. Oh dear. But
twas fine :) She showed up and just got off at the next stop.
can't tell you how WEIRD it is to be alone. Got a feeling for about 30
minutes of how you normal people feel every day ;) It was a beautiful
reminder of just how much we really don't want to be alone. Being
alone is scary. Thank goodness we have the Holy Ghost to comfort us..
Thank you thank you thank you Heavenly Father.

Adventure #2 - miracle man
contacted a man on the tram.
agreed to have us come teach him!
We went out to his homeless shelter. Taught him the message of the
restoration and it all was going sooo well! He liked the message was
accepting it. Hopefully we'll yet see some good things come of that
meeting :) It was really nice to hear from him how good of an
impression he had of us. I think people really do like the
missionaries. Sometimes the missionaries just forget it ;)

God just delivers us people in the most unlikely circumstances.
We have our koncert this week and we're trying some new things with
our english clases, training in Brno. I'm excited :) I love trainings.

Adventure #3
we took our lovely friends from the red cross on a building tour of
the church! It was super cool. Man I love being a missionary. We sang
for them, taught them about the priesthood and families. Super cool :)

Also - all the women from around the country came for a relief society
conference this weekend! It was SOOOOO cool to see all of these women
in the church. They are beautiful examples of how daughters of God
look, think, act, and serve! :) I was sooo touched by their examples.
We got to meet some of the women who helped translate the book of
mormon into slovak (heard all about how it was such a LONG and
DIFFICULT process) and then we got to hear conversion stories (which I
personally love) and support them.
There were probably about 15-20 people there. God is working with the
mothers here in Slovakia :D

Thought for this week:
I was reading in Alma 31 & 32 this morning for a new investigator we
have. She's an anthropologist (don't worry she's already been trying
to help me find allllll kinds of ideas for my thesis when I start up
anthropology again ;) She's super smart. She studies cultures of
people who have been displaced and pushed around (the Jews and the
Romas) and compares them. I thought she might particularly like the
story, then, of the poor Zoramites who are expelled from their
synagogues and driven out. As I was reading these chapters in the Book
of Mormon, I found an interesting verse. Alma says that they went to
do missionary work to "try the virtue of the word of God"
quite an interesting phrase, I thought.
Try the virtue? what does that mean.

When I think of virtue I think of purity, sanctification. I think they
wanted to test the purifying and sanctifying power of the scriptures.
How better could they do that then by teaching the scriptures to a
culture in desperate need of repentance :) so that the word could have
a powerful effect on their minds ;)

I love the Book of Mormon. Hope you're all reading :)

Love you all!

Loves setsra Kane


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