Sister Kane's Letter 11_11_13

Recognize Him.
That is the task.

This week I have been especially blessed to see the hand of the Lord
in my life. And it's not that His hand wasn't in the missionary work
last week, or the weeks before that. I know it was.
I, however, made the choice to see Him more this week.
And wow!
What a miracle it was been.
I truly know the Lord loves us. He works with us. He wants to see us
succeed and He is ever so anxious to lend a helping hand.
So why, then, do we at times feel like we're working alone?
I have learned that the Lord expects us to do what we are able to do.
Like with Nephi, He may lead us find the tools to build the boat we
need, but He won't do the building for us.
I know God leads us and directs us, then waits patiently for us to
exercise our agency.
He is just sooo cool.

Amazing miracle lesson. We met a girl on the street almost a month
ago. For whatever reason, felt prompted to call her. Bore testimony of
the Book of Mormon. Set up to meet. MET! and WHOA. Taught about Joseph
Smith. She opened up about her life in college, how hard it is, how
negative people were, and how she was trying to have faith.
We testified of Jesus Christ. I have NEVER felt the spirit like that
in a lesson in my whole mission. It wasn't even "overpowering" like
you often feel, but just SOOOO much peace was in the room.
At the end of the lesson we prayed with her and she asked God if
Joseph Smith was a prophet. Then waited. and waited. and waited.
I think we sat in silence for at least 3 minutes.
Now that may seem like a short time, but that is like 10 light years
in missionary time.
I think I almost had a heart attack. but I kept trusting the spirit
and trusting and sitting in silence.
Then she continued praying. Ended the prayer. And she believes he's a
prophet. WHOA WHOA WHOA.
God is sooo cool. Spirit is SOOO cool. I love the gospel. :) I love
love love love love God.

we met king lamoni and didn't even realize it. Skoda.
Sister Baird and have been talking for weeks about ammon and how cool
it would be to meet some one who was "that influential" in slovakia
(Just like with King Lamoni in the Book of Mormon). Well, we ran into
a man running for a political office here.
But then our bus came so we hopped on.
The second the bus leaves we look at each other "do you think that was
King Lamoni?" DANG!
should have listened to the spirit better.
Mistakes are meant to be learned from.

Fascinating lesson with our investigator. He had many questions about
the "natural man" and "why is he an enemy to God?" Sister Baird and I
were trying and trying to help him understand but nothing seemed to be
working. So we just started our lesson. We began talking about Christ
and God. We mentioned again that God has a perfect body. Our
investigator said "I do not think that God has a body."
Sister Baird and I sat there for a second. Okay? So what do we do? Do
we go into joseph smith again? the plan of salvation? what what what
will help this man understand God? We just sat in silence a moment.
Then he said, "Oh but wait, Genesis says man was created in the image
of God. I guess that would be hard to do if God didn't have a body. So
yes that makes sense. God has a body. Continue with the lesson."
We were shocked. We've never told him any of that :) I'm so grateful
the spirit teaches our investigators in lessons.
investigators have to resolve their concerns themselves.

Miracle man on the tram. Met a man. First question I ask him. "are you
a father?" well, yes he replies. "will you tell me about your
daughter?" and he begins telling me about his family. Come to find out
he's very concerned about his family and loves them very much :) We
have a wonderful discussion about eternal families. Turns out I have
to get off at the next tram stop. Quickly I say "look I still have
lots of amazing things to tell you about families! Could I have your
phone number and come teach you and your family?"
his response?
"I don't think my wife will be interested in this kind of thing. She's
not religious. But I want to hear your message." Next thing I know,
for whatever reason, this man gives me his name phone number and we
set up one of the most solid appointments i've ever had from talking
to a stranger on public transport.
wow. God is SOO cool. This is His work.

and those aren't even all the miracles from this week!
We had people come to church!!!! MIRACLE.
God is just sooo cool.

I've been thinking a lot about conversation lately. What makes us
begin speaking to some one? what prompts us as human beings to
interact or to not interact? what signals the beginning of a
conversation? a close? What determines the duration or the depth of a
conversation? Is it the topic? the people involved (maybe they're
talkers or maybe they're more introverted)? Not sure.
People are so fascinating. I wonder if we'll ever understand one
another. We try so hard to be a "collective" yet fight so desperately
for the individual. We talk about the power of "one" but seek to
create domineering masses. We're trying to hard to be one human
family, yet we try so hard to create distinctions and separations.
"joined but separate, the individual and the society" Sometimes I
think we really work against ourselves, ya know? But then, I guess
that is the natural man.
we have a very interesting dual nature. spiritual and carnal.
I really enjoyed last conference when Elder Christofferson spoke of
how we must all experience physical and spiritual birth in this
lifetime in addition to physical and spiritual  death. All of us are
born, and as such become subject to physical death one day. We are
mortal. And since we are born physically (meaning we come from the
spirit world to this earth), we die spiritually. We are separated from
God. (we're here on earth, he's in heaven). Luckily, we all also get
to be "reborn" spiritually as we are baptized and cleansed of our
sins. In this way, we overcome spiritual death. We will also overcome
physical death when we are resurrected.
My companion shared the coolest thought with me this morning.
Priesthood holders raise people from the dead! (spiritual death that
is :) every time they baptize some one with the power and authority of
How powerful and cool is that.
The priesthood is such a sacred power.

also, what would happen if we only chose to see the good? What if
every time we were introduced to a culture we were able to look at the
positives and say what do I have to gain?
I believe in seeing people not as they, but as they can become :)

I think one of the most BEAUTIFUL and LOVING invitations is asking
some one to be baptized :D
I think it's even more loving than an engagement proposal ;)
There's not greater feeling than asking some one to follow Christ. He
is just so cool. SOO cool.
I love this work. I love Slovakia! I am grateful to God for every day
He gives me here. God is so cool!

Love you all. Keep up the Good missionary work in Utah. There are
people to find and to love yes even in Utah valley :)

s laskou,
Sestra Kane
vy ste uzasny!


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