Sister Kane 11_25_13

I came on a mission expecting to change people.
I didn't expect people to change me.

Everyone in life has a story. I've been privileged to hear the sacred
stories of the slovaks. This week I have heard of miraculous answers
to prayers, confusing situations, visions, overcoming trials, of
searches for truth and discoveries!
It is so great to be a missionary!

We had a beautiful beautiful training this week in Brno. Many of our
missionaries are going home at the end of this week. Returning with
I am so grateful for the example of these Elders. We had about 10ish
Elders who bore their departing testimonies at the zone conference. I
have never seen realer men.
There is something special about a priesthood holder of God who knows
his Savior and wields His power in deepest humility.
I realized that I still have a lot to learn about Jesus Christ. But
more importantly, that I want to learn about Him more.

I have been lead to passages of scripture about Paul this last week. I
have developed a great deal of respect for Him as an apostle. I
believe he truly understood what the atonement meant. Granted, he
probably had a more difficult repentance process and conversion than
do many of us. I realized something interesting this week. We see that
time and time again, as men of God are visited by angels or the
Savior, they cannot seem to stay on their feet. Paul fell to the
earth, so did Alma the younger, so did king lamoni, and Joseph Smith
talked about laying on his back after the first vision occurred. It
seems to me that in that day, when Jesus Christ comes again, or when
we truly will meet our Savior, no one will be able to stand in His
presence. "every knee shall bow and every tongue confess."

I love the language of Paul and Oliver Cowdery. Please, if you haven't
recently, read acts 8 & 26 and then Oliver Cowedery's account of
receiving the priesthood. They are beautiful authors.

Sister Baird and I have been sooo blessed this past week.
We are working with a LOT of potential priesthood holders right now. I
think God needs priesthood in slovakia. We have 5 young men we're
working with right now, 3 families, an older gentleman, and some
others from english classes etc. whoa. Super cool.
I underestimate the power of the priesthood. This is God's work! His
power, His priesthood drives it :)

We also had our koncert on friday! It went really well. we had about
20-25 people there! Members came, they invited friends, we had some
investigators there. We sang children's songs and focused on a theme
of Peace. Starsi Utley sang some beautiful slovak lullabys and we read
some spoken words of the prophets. Sister Baird and I sang "I often go
walking" and Starsi Utley and I did a duet of "amazing grace" that was
pretty :) and I did a duet with sister Druzkova of "child's prayer".
Sister Baird did a solo of "i feel my savior's love" starsi utely sang
some beautiful pieces too. Starsi Case also did a solo of families can
be together forever. and we all sang I am a child of God. Ended with
Away in a manger singing with Everyone there :) Spirit was strong and
it was a beautiful experience. I love creative missionary work!

Love you all!!
s laskou,

Sestra Kane


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