Sister Kane has Been Transferred - called to open a new area 12_2_03


This week was CRAZY!!!

Surprise surprise.... I have been....


I am now in Trencin with Sister Belibi Minya (from France!)
So yes, looks like God wants me to do something this transfer with French after all.
P.S. We're the first sisters to come to Trencin
P.P.S. We're opening a new area!
How cool is that???? I'm excited. Nervous. blah! It's going to be Great :D

There was a Woman who was just baptized in this Branch 2 days ago who we will now be teaching. She has two younger children who we will be teaching as well. Hopefully to help their family receive the gospel! Whoa! whoa whoa! She is such a special lady. I met her about a month ago at a combined relief society activity for all the women in Slovakia. Sister Druzkova and I did a spur of the moment musical number and little did I know then, that I would be coming here to trencin to open up a new area and take on the important responsibility of helping her to become a strong member of the branch here in Trencin and help her family accept the gospel.
WHOA. ah!
God is FULL of surprises.
We'll be going to meet her and her kids tonight :D I am super excited and nervous and bah! I can't even put it into words!
I am going to miss the beautiful Bratislava branch :( I felt like I had family there.
I know that God has sent me to where I need to be now, though.
I can't even express what it feels like to be here right now :D Bah! I'm excited.

Also! So cool. When president called me and said I'd be coming to trencin and opening up a new area with Sister Belibi Minya I freaked out! (if you can just imagine me sitting in the church buidling, on the phone with president, going ahhhh!!!! - that's probably what it looked like to everyone else as well)

Funny thing - our Elders all were telling me I was going to Trencin for the past couple weeks. Sister Baird will be training!!! The new slovak sister. WHOA. Cool right? phew.

So trencin is a littler place than Bratislava :D BEAUTIFUL city. This is the city where Pres. Uchtdorf actually dedicated our mission. WHOA. awesome to be here.

We don't have an apartment yet. So sister Belibi Minya and I are staying in a hotel for the next couple days while that gets worked out.

Get this!!!! :D
Thanksgiving dinner?
We were invited to have thankgiving dinner at the american embassy with the ambassador, his wife, a couple marines, some professors, and a few other scholars. whoa. It was a very very nice dinner. I was SOOOO grateful they gave us that opportunity. It was like having thanksgiving at a mini white house :) (it looks like the whitehouse haha)
gosh God is just SOOO cool.
I feel SOO blessed. Especially since I was sick all last week. Just he has blessed me soooooo much this week. With the thanksigving thing, and we found this beautiful new investigator named Samuel whom I absolutely just love. and now I get to be in Trencin and we're opening up a new area. WHOA.
It's just cool. COOL COOL COOL. Too real.

I saw a lot of miracles this week. We traveled to Raca and taught a woman and her husband. Their grandaugther moved to utah and was baptized, lives there now, got married in the salt lake temple, and she actually requested us to go visit her grandparents. whoa. So cool. Had a beautiful beautiful meeting with them.
They want Sister Baird and I to marry their Slovak sons haha. It was really cute. Not possible, but cute. I just love slovaks soooo much they are the kindest cutest people.

We have been sooo blessed this last transfer. I saw sooo many people draw closer to Christ and learn about His atonement. I myself saw that I became a little more open a little more loving. I think its a beautiful thing when we can look back on where we've been to see how far we've come. Then, to think of the journey that still lies ahead of us!

Traveling alone to trencin was Quite scary even though its only about an hour train ride :D
Luckily some very nice people helped me with my bags. "Geeezz! What do you have in these things"
"books" i say "lots and lots of books" SCRIPTURES.

You'd be surprised how much paper weighs ya know?

I am now in a district of 4. Me, Elder Lamb (utah), Elder Ellingston (Colorado), and Sister Belibi Minya (France).

It will be exciting to see what happens this transfer! Man oh man.
Can't wait to let you all know!

I love you all soooooo much :D keep up your own Great missionary work :D

s laskou,
Sestra Kane



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