Kari in Trencin 12_16_13

Phew! Another week :D

We had the most beautiful experience this week.
We have been trying to find service opportunties for christmas (and the rest of the year)
Met with a lady from city hall. (super nice!) She gave us contact for the social director here in Slovakia. Met with him. He's Great put us in touch with a couple owners of a homeless shelter (who turn out to be priests). They came to the church and we had a meeting to discuss how we could get invovled with the shelter. and guess what?!?!

We went there on friday and O MY GOSH :D they are beautiful people. :D There are about 20-30 homeless people there. We sang with them/for them and I passed around my family photos (they all loved looking at them) and we just talked with them. I am amazed. Even though these people are homeless, they have such kind manners. They hung up our coats for us, helped us put them back on when we went to leave, as we shook everyone's hands they stood up from the table, they shared with us what little *sparkling juice* they had.
Beautiful beautiful people. Can't wait to go back next week.
Service is the key to happiness :D King Benjamin surely understood that.

Looking forward to finding some more service opportunities here in Trencin.

I love this city and the members.

Can't say its been an EASY 2 weeks in the least bit. Some of the hardest so far in my mission, but I am trusting the Lord and knowing that he's working with the people here. Just loving them and working towards our Koncert :D

I love my companion. She is Great :D She says she loves my french accent haha tells me "its so cute" and her favorite thing to say in english is Ïm stoked :D Ít's her first english slang that she learned I guess :D.
She's super cool. The slovaks love us cause we look so fun together haha. I am short and white and she's tall and black; so we are Quite the pair :D Slovaks always ask us about our contrast haha.

This week we were able to visit sister Alzbeta and she pulled out a chronicle of all the missionaries who have come through here. Wow I am amazed at how well they document everything here. I can see that journals play a huge role in the lives of the members here. I have Great respect for them. She showed us pictures of our MTC teachers  (all my MTC teachers served here in trencin.)

I am amazed by all the miracles God allows me to see. Just by putting people we've contacted before in our path once more; events lining up so that we're in the same place as the person we need just at the right time. Whoa. Saw that happen several times with week. I really love my district too. Our elders are Great.

We did a singing display this week! It was super freezing cold, but still way fun :D met a group of teenagers who actually ended up just being very interested in sister Belibi Minya ;), but it was fun to see them talking with the elders about the book of mormon. The youth here really are Great. Still trying to figure out how to share the gospel with them.

We both gave talks this past sunday! I spoke about being able to recognize true disciples of christ. I believe that true disciples of christ are recognizeable by their Works - how they show their love.

This morning finished the Book of Mormon, and so I began at the beginning again. I am so impressed by the testimony of the witnesses and of Joseph Smith. I love how they "knew of a surety" that the plates were real.
I have often wondered how it must have been for Joseph Smith to be sooo young when he was visited by the Angel Moroni. At that point in life, he wouldn't have had any idea who Moroni was. (he had not yet translated the record of the Book of Mormon). I cannot imagine what it must have been like for him to translate Moroni's Words with the memory of his first appearance in Joseph's bedroom a few years prior.
I find it interesting that Moroni visits joseph 3 times. The first time he delivers the message about the record, 2nd time same message but includes some warnings/prophecies about the world, then the 3rd time he includes some warnings for Joseph individually.
Why didn't Moroni just tell him everything in one visit? Surely it would have been a journey to travel from heaven to earth and back again 3 times. And why did he repeat himself?

I think joseph needed to ponder the messenger's message. That night probably lasted about 8-10 hours, and I have no clue how long the angel spoke to joseph, but I would imagine that after each visit, joseph had some significant time to ponder/think before once again falling asleep. Pondering is an essential aspect to receiving spiritual witnesses. Joseph had seen an angel, but luckily Heavenly Father knew that Joseph would need a deeper spiritual witness than a memory of a glorious Messenger. Joseph needed a deep spiritual confirmation that what he had both seen and heard was true.
I am grateful that God does this with us as well. He lets us search, ponder, and pray to know the things that we need to do. Some of my most significant pondering takes place at night, as I record in my journal what I've learned for the day and as I thank God once more for the beautiful day he gave me. I repent, and promise to do better the next day. And then I try to do just that :D

I love you all and I wish you best and most merry christmas this season! I encourage you to serve, eat Great food, and spend time with your family. Love you all!

Merry Christmas!

Love Sister Kane


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