Merry Christmas From Trencin

I hope everyone had the most beautiful christmas ever!?!?! 

There is nothing like a Christmas in the mission field. :) 

Christmas morning we went to a hospice and sang for some of the elderly slovaks there :) Such a beautiful experience. If you want to know what it's like to KNOW Jesus Christ I have decided there are 3 types of people you need to be around. 1. Children 2. Mentally/physically handicapped 3.Elderly/Sickly/Dying. 
Nothing will make you feel the Love of christ quite like looking in their eyes and trying to just give them a piece of Christlike love back.
We sang to them some hymns that Starsi Guyman just translated (since we only have 2 christmas hymns in slovak) and it was great!!!!! They loved hearing us sing in slovak. 
This language is soooo special. 

Then we made some halusky with the elders :), had tiramisu, and celebrated christmas! 
Of course talked to our families and had a wonderful time :D 

We celebrated Christmas Eve with Andrea. They have the most beautiful family. In slovakia they have a little wafer that you eat before you eat christmas dinner. On it, you put honey, garlic, and nuts. It's for health! Cool tradition I want to carry on. Basically just want to be a slovak. 

We rode home with Andrea and WOW I felt like I was in the car again talking with my mom. I had a moment where I just understood all she was saying, even though slovak is impossibly difficult, and I just KNEW I knew the spirit was helping us communicate. I love having meaningful conversations :D

Every week is a miracle week here in Trencin :) I know that God is a God of miracles. I love being able to feel the spirit. 

This week we were leaving our apartment and we normally walk one way to get to the church building. "let's walk around" I said. Sister Belibi Minya was like "why" I don't know, I said. I just feel like we need to walk this way. As we did there was a woman raking her leaves. We offered to help. She told us we were "zlate dievca" cute girls but that she didn't need help. We started to talk and she told us she had lots of baked goodies left over from Christmas. We spoke of why we were on missions, she ran inside and brought us back some of her cookies. We're gonna try to go back and teach them :) They were super sweet. Her son had even been to america for a little while. Super cool! 

Then we were trying to visit a less-active member, whom we had already tried to visit but couldn't find her name on the zvolnik. (not sure what that is in english. The little buzzer guy that has the names of the people that live there). Prezident Vaclav said she had a different name so we went back to look for that name. The first time we were there I distinctly remember thinking "we NEED to be here, there is some one to find. but we couldn't find them." this time I had the same feeling. Sister, I said, let's just try knocking one door. We did. A woman answered. Turns out we know her! She works at the shelter where we've been serving the past couple weeks. She said she'd let us share our message with her tonight :) ! Super cool. God is just waaaaay too cool :) 

Also, I have discovered the trick to living a peaceful and happy day every day Alma 37:37 

There is great power in recognizing our blessings. 

It is very important for us to love ourselves."Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me." this includes the way we treat ourselves. What if we saw the way we treated ourselves as the way we treated Christ? Would we put ourselves down less? Would we want ourselves to experience more happiness? Would we take better care of our bodies? I believe thoughts have great power. After all, one way the spirit speaks to us in through thoughts. And thoughts can be all over the place or very focused.

No wonder it is such a great accomplishment to develop a firm mind. 

I think as people we need to be nicer to ourselves :) I have seen how positive thinking really leads to happiness :) I love you all! Remember that He loves you too. 
have a great new years!!!!! 

Love Sestra Kane


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