Sister Kane in Trencin 12_09_13

I love you all !!!

First week in TRENCIN!
Random Fact: I am the 130th missionary to serve here in Trencin! THE FIRST TWO SISTERS EVER (sister Belibi and I). We're part of history!!!! HOW COOL!?!?!?!??!?!

so cool.

You wouldn't believe how beautiful this city is. The memebers here are Great. The people are BEAUTIFUL. gosh. Loooove this place.

This week :D
How many times in our lives will we get to say "I work for God?" Best boss ever! :D
He pays with blessings like you wouldn't believe. Promotes like no other boss :D
All he asks is that you show up and work work work!
We made gingerbread men with Sister Vaclavova and President Vaclav, Sestra Setnickova, and Sestra Alzbeta. It was Great! The members here have such strong testimonies and they are so friendly! I already feel like I am among family :D It will be interesting to see what they do with sisters for the first time :D We're excited.

We stayed in the little pension for a couple days and now we have our apartment! It is SOOOOOOO NICE. Waaay nice. In the pension we got to be pretty good friends with one of the owners (family busieness) and we actually talked with him Quite a bit about family history and the law of chasity. Super intresting. I really want their family to have the gospel :D they were sooo kind and I already love them :D

We have been trying to find service projects. Met with city hall, got a few contacts, met with the director of social services here in Trencin he's going to try and have us help with a soup kitchen, and then we're just trying to find new investigators and open up a new area! We are planning on koncert for the 19th of December!

I feel so blessed to be in Trencin. This is the area where our mission was dedicated by Pres. Uchtdorf. There are special blessings contained in that dedicatory prayer. Especially for the youth. I know God wants us to do something with the Youth here. Just not sure what. There are tons and tons of young people around. I've talked with lots of them. They have amazing faith. If you have any ideas how to work with youth throw them my way :D we're going to try concerts, free english, game nights, referrals, etc.

I want to share an experience.
Before beginning my junior year of high school, I received a blessing from my home teacher. I was completely shocked by it. In the blessing, he spoke of being careful in choosing my friends and being courageous to distance myself from friends who might be bad influences. I expected the blessing to counsel me about all of my difficult classes and extra cirricular activities. But my friends? hmm.
The school year began, and I tried to remember the words of the blessing.
As I did, I learned an important lesson. Don't forget to play as a team.
I lost many of my friends that year. I chose to quit spending time with them during school at lunch and afterwards. I became distanced. I knew I had followed the words of the blessing, and so I was not sad. Yet, I'd be lying if I told you I didn't feel lonely. I did. It is high school, after all.
I kept busy. Prayed for Heavenly Father to send me new friends. I openly expressed my love to Him and searched for answers to my prayers. I tried to be friendly.
One day, I saw a sign :D
No, not that kind of sign No angels or being struck dumb.
It was an orange sign on the high school bulletin board.
It read "womens lacrosse. No experience needed""
I stopped. Re-read.
"womens lacrosse, no experience needed."
I looked heavenward, then back at the sign. The thought crossed my mind "You don't play sports."
spirit said, "well not yet you don't. But you will :D"

I didn't even really know what lacrosse was. But I went and started to learn how to play. I was grateful for the patience of my coaches. The 2 of them were a Great example to me of unity, now that I look back on it.
How did they do that?

I became part of a team. Made new friends. Learned new skills. Loved my life :D
and it was all because I chose to become a player in the game.

This story is much like each of our individual lives. We are all part of an eternal team. Before this life, we went through some conditioning. We trained together, exercised faith, and learned about the game of life. The coach, let's call Him God :D, told us there'd be times to play defense, sometimes offense. Sometimes we'd sit on the sidelines for a while, other times it might feel like we had been playing for an eternity. The one thing he promsied and assured us, however, is that so long as we played, we would never have to play alone! We would always have our captain, Jesus Christ, leading and guiding us, calling plays and providing the example.
And who wouldn't want to be on a team with Jesus Christ?!?
Well, apparently His Brother.

Lucifer didn't want to play by the rules. He didn't want to let others play either. And His decision affected the lives of many of our brothers and sisters. It still does.

Luckily for us, God is merciful God. He Works with us in our weaknesses. At times we will feel unstoppable, scoring goal after goal after goal. Other times it may feel like the goal is this big (  ) and the goalie is this big (                                                                        )
Who would even want to try?
But try we must! Because we're on the team and God has asked us to play.
"And with God, nothing shall be impossible"

I know that Jesus is the Christ. I know that He is the Prince of Peace, Son of God, Redeemer of Mankind.
He lives :D
He loves :D
He listens.
I love him :D

I would highly recommend these 2 talks
- Safety for the soul - Elder Holland
- Be one - Elder Eyring.

I love you all!
Enjoy the Christmas season as it approaches!

S laskou od trencine!

- Sestra Kane


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